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If you have not incorporated automation into your work process and system yet, you need to start planning and strategizing now to keep up. Updates are not only inclusive to selected industries. If you are in the real estate industry, utilizing marketing automation can help your business grow and expand. If you are not familiar with this technology yet, this article will introduce you to the marketing automation system and how it can help real estate agents increase their lead conversion.

What Is Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation is a technology that makes all marketing processes seamless and automated. Through its help, a company or organization can manage its marketing campaigns automatically across multiple channels. It is designed to manage email marketing, social media marketing, and other website-specific actions through software and applications. Because of this, time-consuming real estate responsibilities get simplified. 

Marketing automation addresses three business aspects:

  • Marketing intelligence or the tracking and understanding of customer’s online behaviour.
  • Business development or the movement of the customers along the sales funnel. 
  • Workflow automation or the internal processes, including the administrative works of the business. 

How Marketing Automation Can Convert More Leads for Real Estate

If you are still curious about how this modern technology can help agents in the real estate industry, here are some examples:

Sending of Real-Time Updates

Leads have more chances of being convinced and moving onto the next phase of the funnel if they receive the materials or information they need at the right time when they need it. Believe it or not, it is already possible and practised by many firms, thanks to marketing automation.

Sending real-time updates to all your prospects would be simple using the software. The marketing automation feature can alert you of where your lead currently is in the funnel and if they took a particular action set as a trigger. All you need to do is prepare the materials and schedule them for sending according to your strategy schedule. 

To make a better user experience, you can even customize the email templates you use to make them feel more personal to your readers.

Easy Nurturing of Leads

Staying in touch with your prospects is one way of nurturing them. But a real estate agent’s job also includes actively looking for more leads and potential clients, making the nurturing job aspect difficult to handle sometimes. Dedicating time and attention to your leads can help convince them to make a move. Fortunately, marketing automation can do the trick for you. 

With its help, identifying which among your leads are the “top leads” and those who are “somewhat engaged” is more manageable. Therefore, you can design and implement the right marketing strategies accordingly.  

Easy View of the Lead Score

Lead score is important in real estate industries. It helps agents see their prospects according to ranking. Because of this, agents are guided, and they know who to prioritize. Doing so helps improve productivity and increases close rates. 

Better Customer Relationship Management

Clients, whether prospective or existing, are the seed of any real estate business. As much as possible, agents should pay attention to them and provide them with exceptional services. 

Doing this is much more comfortable with marketing automation. Once the client’s details and status are set up, the machine would do its job and send the necessary information, marketing materials, contact details, or property listing accordingly. Managing meetings and communication with them is also made easy thanks to this automated program. 


2021 is the start of a new decade, and if you are still using old-school methods, it might be time to reconsider your tactics. Marketing automation is already implemented in various businesses and industries. If you do not want to be left behind, allow your business to grow by evolving it and taking advantage of this new technology.

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As a realtor, you may be heavily relying on digital advertising campaigns for growth. The chances are that you want to promote your properties on your website, post them on your social media profile, and advertise them on various property listings. 

But did you know that direct mail advertising remains relevant and effective up to this day when it comes to traditional campaigns? This advertising campaign involves mailing out promotional materials, such as flyers, brochures, catalogs, and newsletters, directly to your targeted clients. 

In this article, we will share four valuable benefits of direct mail advertising that you can take advantage of as a real estate agent:

Targeted advertising

What’s great about direct mail campaigns is that you don’t just send marketing materials to random people or houses. For the most part, your marketing team will conduct research and perform due diligence to determine which neighborhoods or who are interested in buying the properties you offer. Once they have come up with a buyer persona along with a list of prospects, only then will you come up with marketing materials. You can then go ahead and mail them out to your potential clients, which is why direct mail is very targeted.

Campaign monitoring

Another excellent reason to employ a direct mail campaign is how it allows you to track your advertising. You can include calls-to-action (CTAs) that will direct your clients to take your desired next steps. Suppose they reach out to you via email, chat, or social media showing their interest in your properties. In that case, you’ll be able to monitor their engagements, maintain your leads, and go as far as converting them into sales. Other tracking methods include implementing QR codes, offering coupons, and sending out reply cards that will be easier to track for your real estate transactions.

Cost-effective advertising 

Sure, there are more affordable digital marketing campaigns that many businesses implement today, such as social media advertising, content marketing, and email campaigns. Yet, there are those that you’ll have to pay for, such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. 

When it comes to traditional campaigns, print advertising is a lot cheaper than TV or radio advertising. However, printed real estate materials offer a different personalized experience by activating your prospects’ senses. Ultimately, you’ll be surprised at how these tangible materials will convince them to purchase your properties! 

Straightforward advertising results

Direct mail advertising for real estate is straightforward. After doing your homework and producing your materials, all you have to do is mail them out to your targeted prospects. If they love what they see and are interested in your properties, they’ll then reach out to you. And if you’re fortunate enough, they’ll arrange an open viewing with you, request a home inspection, negotiate and seal a deal with you, and purchase your property.  


At this point, you now realize that direct mail campaigns are effective advertising forms that real estate firms can rely on. As discussed above, they allow realtors to target their market, monitor their progress, save up on their advertising funds, and yield positive results. In the end, you’ll be amazed at how you can win home buyers and sell your properties in no time and with the best deal!

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As COVID-19 continues to affect the way businesses work and challenge industries of all kinds, decision-makers are urged to adapt and find silver linings to combat the effects of what is best defined as an ailing economy.  

If you’ve been keeping track of how the American economy has been faring in the midst of the pandemic, then you’ve also probably been working doubly hard to stay afloat. At this time, in fact, experts urge firms of all kinds to revisit and rework their strategies while capitalizing on the opportunity to adapt and innovate in various ways.

From allocating finances and investing in contingencies to hiring extra hands and giving up traditional office spaces, the pandemic has shed light on various ways for a business to adapt. Among the different strategies and tools that have become valuable to adapt to the conditions posed by the pandemic, there’s one that stands out the most: using email marketing as a primary tool for engagement.

The prominence of emailing amid the pandemic

With businesses seeking to keep in touch with their customers, many have turned to using and leveraging email marketing to their advantage.

Although emailing was already a prominent form of outreach and communication decades before the pandemic struck, it has recently come to the spotlight once more. This newfound relevance is credited to the fact that inboxes and exchanges make it easier to remain in constant contact with potential customers while circumventing the challenges posed by COVID-19.

While there are other tools like social media and paid ads that will put your business, products, and services right in front of a customer, emails offer a new dimension to engagement. The primary reason for this lies in the fact that they can be used to make way for all sorts of interactions and foster social dialogues with relative ease! 

The kinds of emails that you can use for engagement 

When it comes to using emails the right way to engage with your audience over the internet, it’s essential to understand that achieving desirable outcomes stems from using the right formats. Fortunately, you won’t have to worry about sending the wrong messages and risk being muted because simply brushing up on which format you need to use will point you in the right direction: 

For deals, discounts, and offers: Promotional Emails

The most common type of email marketing content or format that you can use to your business’s advantage in the midst of the pandemic is promotional emails.

Typically drafted and sent to raise awareness about specific deals or discounts offered to eligible customers, these emails come especially handy in promoting seasonal and time-sensitive deals. When used correctly, in fact, these emails will get you a significant amount of traffic if you ensure that they easily relate to customer interests—especially if you’re intent on achieving these objectives: 

  • Generating intrigue for upcoming product releases
  • Bringing in more cash flow through increased purchase rates
  • Building an online community where members can enjoy subscriber-only discounts and freebies

For post-checkout engagement: transactional emails

If you want to keep the engagement train going even after your customer purchases an item from your store, then you’ll need to start sending transactional emails out.

Sent during (or after) a checkout and whenever a customer purchases your online store, this type of email can seem like a rather standard alert because it provides key information, like an order number, receipt, and a tracking number. However, you can make these emails even more engaging by writing them in a way that helps upsell related products or shed light on special discounts!


Although the COVID-19 pandemic has undoubtedly changed the way businesses need to operate nowadays, it’s also important to know that this serves as the perfect time to work on your email marketing campaign. By knowing what you want to achieve and taking the right steps towards getting the best results, you’ll be able to use the power of emails to your advantage so you can engage with every customer that comes your way! 

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Email continues to be a simple yet highly effective marketing strategy in today’s digitally dominated world. With a median ROI of 122%, which rates four times higher than other digital marketing channels, it’s in many businesses’ interests to learn how to take advantage of this strategy! Personalizing your email interactions are likely to generate more leads and receive higher engagements since buyers are more likely to respond to emails that are especially relevant to their unique needs and circumstances.

Here are several ways you can enlist in email marketing services to add personalization to your email marketing strategy, especially when contacting email subscribers.

Have a Good Subject Line

Your email body could be perfectly optimized and full of high-quality content, but if your subject line is no good, your subscriber will scroll right through it, or worse: they might clear it out of their inbox. To get higher click-through rates and have recipients interact with your email, be sure you send it off with an engaging headline! Consider the following guidelines when thinking of an eye-catching personalized headline:

  • Use familiar sender names—avoid ‘no-reply’ at all costs
  • Keep the subject line short and sweet
  • Ask a relevant question
  • Tell them what’s in the email
  • Do not make false promises
  • Make it conversational

By taking on a more personal approach to your email subject line, you’ll instantly connect with potential buyers and encourage more interactions. 

Ask Your Recipient Directly

People are more willing to answer questions than you think, especially when they know this feedback will improve their experience with your brand. An excellent time to ask for their input is when they register for your email list. You could ask them some questions about how they found your website and let them choose what kind of properties they’re looking for. Once you’ve discovered the kind of properties and content they expect, you can further analyze and gather insights on how to reach out to them better and close a sale. Working with an advertising agency that offers email marketing services will allow you to interpret this information accurately to make the right decisions later on. 

Utilize On-Site Triggers

Another way to personalize your emails is using the interactions gained from your website, called email on-site triggers. One of the most common examples that you can resolve with a well-timed email is cart abandonment. Consumers who are just teetering on the fence of making a purchase decision will often leave your website without finalizing their order. By identifying this trigger, you can send these types of customers emails encouraging them to come back. Your emails could be a simple reminder of the duplex they almost booked a viewing for, or you could add more detail, asking about their specific pain points and promote better offers. 

Other triggers you can use to send personalized emails are lead magnet subscriptions, event registrations, and other site interactions. The sky’s the limit!

Browsing History and Reference Ordering

Browsing and purchase history will tell you a lot about your customer. This valuable data allows you to make inferences on their interests and possible paint points. For instance, you might take note of buyers that booked viewings and then purchased bungalows in the same suburban area. This data can be used to personalize emails with a newsletter featuring promotions and content related to bungalows. It’s a big probability that your customers who have chosen a bungalow to live in will appreciate the personalized content you have taken to curate for them. Segmenting your database and sending the appropriate content related to their interests will encourage more follow-through. 


Sometimes all it takes to nudge your customer in the right direction is a personalized message, and what better way to communicate that than through email? It’s a simple platform that allows you to connect with your audience directly with specific content that matters to them. By having a good subject line, asking directly, using browsing history, and taking advantage of triggers, you can have a well-personalized set of emails for your mailing list that will show your customers just how their needs are important to your brand. 

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Internet marketing is incredibly popular with the advancement of technology. With that in mind, overlooking a more traditional mode such as direct mail campaigns is highly likely. One cannot be without the other, though. Direct mail and online marketing have to be able to work together as a business’ source for advertising. Having a marketing strategy that’s integrated is the best way to go. A good one involves making sure that every available channel for gaining customers can be used, alongside conversions being increased and better sales.

Integrated marketing, in a nutshell, makes use of all the available channels for reaching a general audience. Whether it’s a more traditional route or modern digital methods, the end goal is the same. It’s important to be able to have every facet of customer relations in a single marketing campaign that is smooth and seamless.

The Use of Direct Mail in Advertising

For the last several decades, companies and organizations have taken on direct mail marketing as a way to promote their products, offer their services, and share special discounts. All of that, essentially, being advertising. Examples include catalogs of their products, coupons, flyers every week, as well as sales being announced. There is a specific purpose to each kind of mailing, and it’s a great boost to having a marketing strategy that’s integrated and designed well.

A Direct Mail Campaign Is Beneficial

There are several benefits that direct mail holds over several advertising modes. Contrary to popular belief, reaching out to customers through physical, tangible mail is nowhere near “ancient.” It’s important for direct mail to catch the eye of possible consumers and be very visible. On top of that, it has to simultaneously give information about your service or product while highlighting your most popular or new services and/or products. It’s also a great way for customers on the more traditional side to find out about the online presence of your business.

Catalogs have been proven to amplify visits to business websites, as well as the time spent on them. This leads to more sales compared to internet marketing acting by itself. Catalogs and flyers offer a convenient way for people to browse various products, letting customers make informed choices about exactly what it is they want before actually spending any money and buying something online.

Direct Mail Integrated With Online Marketing

It can be a rather involved process to have a marketing strategy that’s integrated come to be. Luckily, it’s actually quite possible to track the strategy’s efficiency in terms of converting potential leads to actual customers. Having a database is the easiest way for this to happen. Keeping a pulse on what customers buy often and how they prefer to make their orders is a big help.


There is nothing outdated about direct mail, as it actually plays a key role in an integrated marketing strategy. It is a necessary element in order to strike the perfect balance and continuously be able to reach out to more traditional customers.

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