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Marketing Packages And Tools To Save Time And Make Money

Imagine having total visibility of how all your customers interact with you, down to details about demographics, persona, what they looked at on your site and if they called. What would that give you?

Insights, reporting, data analysis, dashboards, heatmaps… We will give you all the tools to show you what is working and why. Information is powerful and valuable – it’s the swiss army knife of marketing!

Included in our Supercharged done-for-you marketing packages are tools that boost every kind of customer engagement, both online and offline. We get that this ‘techy’ online stuff isn’t everyone’s skillset, so we do all the work for you.

All you need to do is watch your personalized dashboards to see the results.

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Experience our ‘No Excuses Business Growth Package’
And Turn Your Small Business Pains Into Gains

target data

I’m not a Data Expert

Wasting time and money on outdated and incorrect data? Not anymore! Hiring a Data Scientist or Data Specialist is expensive. It’s not feasible for small to medium business owners to hire their own guru. So most either outsource it (with varying degrees of success) or fumble through it themselves, causing headaches from mistakes and...well.. Just bad data. We take that problem away. You tell us who you want to go after (your ideal customer) and we ensure the right targeted data is used to find them. We only use quality checked, verified and well cleansed data to drive your online and offline sales and marketing funnels.
mail tracking

How do I easily view my marketing results?

What if you had daily visibility on all online and offline campaigns and could pivot quickly? Marketing only works… if you can see if working! One of the biggest frustrations small businesses have is spending too much on marketing that doesn’t yield results. We know business owners who send things out and ‘hope and pray’ it gets to the right people. That’s not smart business. We fix this by giving you a campaign dashboard to see ALL your sales and marketing investment results. Importantly, you can see if something isn’t working and fix it. Intel is everything!
letters postcards

How can I be different from my competitors?

How many times do you send mail and wonder who you are competing with and if your mail will be (a) noticed or (b) opened? So many business owners send direct mail and it just looks like… well… every other piece of mail! Do you want to stand out from your competition? Then you must look different to them and ensure your ideal customer ‘sees’ you. Taking our targeted data, we craft specific messages that are directly speaking to your ideal customer. Our beautifully designed letters and postcards are full colour, and will never look like a bill. Your customers will be alerted with Informed Delivery and will receive high-quality direct mail that gets you noticed. Bet a lot of your competitors don’t do this!
social matching 3

My marketing budget is tight!

Yes, we understand it’s tight. It usually is when you’re not getting results! Here’s the thing: most business owners think about a sales and marketing ‘budget’ but what if you were to see it as an ‘investment’? An investment means it must give you good returns, you need to be able to put $1 in and get $3+ back. So we’ve solved that for you. We set up a business to business line of credit so you can pay for ALL of your marketing upfront, never miss a mailing or online promotion again, manage your cash flow and all for as little as 1% payment a month, with the first 30 days free. No excuses to never have your pipeline filled again. Speaking of returns, we also set up a Business Reply Mail to make it super easy for customers to respond to your deals seamlessly.
social matching

How can I be seen everywhere by my customers?

Meet your customers where they live online. Go ahead, introduce yourself before they receive any offers in the mail! We social match all of your targeted data and introduce you to your ideal customers wherever they roam online. Your targeted data will be matched to Facebook and Instagram and your ideal customer will see you online for at least 2 weeks, this is before they have received any direct mail, and throughout your entire campaign where we will consistently place target ads in front of them. So it’s cool they get to know you first! This means your logo, key messaging and offers for your customers will be seen by them… everywhere. You don't have to know anything about online marketing, as we build all of this brand awareness for you.
informed delivery 2

Staying on top of my marketing is stressful!

Ever heard the term “time is money”? To keep a business alive, you must spend time planning and preparing your sales and marketing strategy, then implementing it. But we never said that this has to be YOUR time. When you partner with someone who can do all the techy stuff, data sifting, mailhouse liaising, lead generation capturing for you, you actually get BACK time. Ask yourself, what if you could save 10 hours a week, and put that time into the things you love or converting more sales into profits? Even if 10 hours got your 5 more deals closed and those deals were worth $2,000. That’s an extra $10,000 a week. We make this even easier by tracking every piece of mail, and telling you exactly who has received your mail. You can then pick up the phone and focus your time on closing those 5 more deals!
call tracking 3

Managing Cash flow can be a challenge

We understand that small business owners can go through highs and lows of managing cash flow and that it can be unpredictable if it's not planned. The ironic thing is to make money, you need to spend money. But spending it on the right things that matter is what counts. As our ‘no more excuses growth packages’ run for 3 months and can be financed from a low 1%, you can plan all of your sales and marketing activity well in advance, have it paid for upfront and by the time your results start to come in, you’ll be in a cash flow cycle that will be more regular and predictable.
landing page 2

How can I see who is responding to my message?

Want quality control, data accuracy and intel on who is responding to your marketing? We mentioned before that some small businesses send their marketing and ‘hope and pray’ it gets to the right person. Not anymore. Good marketing is not about targeting your prospects once, but doing so repeatedly and respectfully so you can nurture your leads towards a good healthy buying or selling relationship with you. So we fixed that. We built a system that shows you exactly WHO is interacting with your marketing and HOW. You can even see demographics of who is calling you and from where with call tracking, and call them straight back. All of the information about your customers interactions you can then use to conduct warm lead follow ups, retarget, and build your list and pipeline with ease. We also allow your customer to track you! With Informed Delivery enabled on all your direct mail, you can build trust and place offers to customers when USPS tells them their important mail is on the way.
landing page

I’m not a web designer or sales funnel guru!

Websites are worthless unless they are functional and transactional. 95% of potential customers will check you out online before calling or visiting your business. Well-designed landing and sales pages tells them they’ve found what they’re looking for and helps to convert your leads. But we’re not all born web developers or sales funnel gurus. So we did the hard work for you here too. We build you an integrated, highly functional and performing sales funnel with pages that take your ideal customer on a journey. You don’t need to be the tech or sales copy expert, you just need to know how to say ‘hello’ to your customers when they call. We will get the phone ringing.
catch close booster

How do I automatically nurture my leads with email?

Want to entice those ‘fence-sitting’ customers and nurture them to a ‘Yes!’ customer? Ever been to a website and before you navigate off of it, you get asked to fill in some details in exchange for something of value? This can be really annoying unless it’s written well and it actually converts your buyers and sellers. So, we built this for you too. You don’t even need to know how to build high value content offers or persuasive email sequencing that builds trust. We gotcha there too. All done for you, so you start building a good, quality email list that converts.
social matching 4

How do I get leads who are NOT on my list?

Good marketing should be targeted, specific and data driven. But what about potential customers who aren’t on your list and perhaps find you by chance? How do you capture them? We have enabled the use of Lead Match technology so that whoever visits your site, even if they take no action whatsoever, you can find out who they are and send them an invite to connect, or perhaps send them an offer or give them a call. A super easy way to find new leads!
social matching 4

Aren’t Google and Facebook Ads expensive?

Google advertising costs a LOT. But not with us. It's included. And targeted! Many small business owners have a budget for Google and Facebook, but they unfortunately waste it by trying to spread their message to everyone. That’s not smart… unless you have a product or service that is for everyone, and not many of those exist in the world. Good news here: You don't need to know how to craft ads, link them to your sales pages and increase click through conversions. You don’t even need to know how ‘keywords’ work. We do all that for you too with our online follow up technology. We extend this to social media follow up too, so we get you seen wherever your ideal customer roams online. This means your marketing investment goes further than ever.
campaign dashboard 3

I don’t know where to start…

We get that running a business can be overwhelming. Especially for real estate investing businesses where you might be trying to do it all: marketing, finding customers, converting leads, getting sales closed. Then you need to repeat the cycle. Miss a cycle, and your results fall behind. Combine this with trying to learn all the technical options available to you, and it can turn from overwhelm into costly mistakes. So stick to what you’re good at. Outsource the rest. But DON’T outsource it all to different places who don't talk to one another, or you’ll just end up with more problems! Outsource to a total data-to-door, done-for-you team, so if any problems arise you just have 1 person to support you!

What Makes Supercharged Offers Marketing Packages
So Powerful?

Simple. We Give You More. Based on typical standard mailing house offers, you get loads of extras to
‘supercharge’ every customer interaction online and offline.


Financed Growth

Plan and fund your marketing campaigns, maximize cash flow and manage your business easily from as little as 1%


Marketing Automation

Build a consistent pipeline of leads, easily nurture them and build your brand without lifting a finger.


Campaign Dashboard

Report and analyze your results. Download your leads and convert.


Targeted Data

Specific to your ideal target customer, quality checked and verified.


Letters and Postcards

Full colour, branded high quality paper letters. Glossy, double sided professional postcards.


Business Reply Envelopes

Increase conversions by giving customers easy ways to send back offers.

group 1

Social Match

Find out where your ideal customers gather socially online and meet them there.

search 1

Mail Tracking

Individually track each mail piece to delivery. Report, analyze and contact customers who have received your direct mail.

mail 3

Informed Delivery

Tell your customers they have important mail on the way, provide offers to them easily.


Call Tracking

See who is calling you, where they are from and quality control your calls with compliant recordings.


Sales Funnel Pages

Integrated customer sales journey with sales funnels and landing pages to convert leads.


Email Automation

Build relationships and nurture your warm leads to a sale with automated email follow ups.

megaphone 1

Online Follow Up

Branded high quality Google ads and banners to ensure your customers see you online.

like 1

Social Media Follow Up

High quality and professionally designed ads for Facebook and Instagram to nurture your leads

group 3

Lead Match

Find out new site visitors and nurture more leads easily and effortlessly.

calendar 1

Online Scheduling

Allow customers to schedule time with you and confirm your availability.

All Of The Above - All Done For You!

Save Hours Of Time, Outsource Your Entire Data, Direct Mail and Digital Marketing Solution


Get In Front of 6,000 New Buyers or Sellers Over 12 Weeks

From $0.95 An Offer

Plus Digital Overhaul Setup Fee


Get In Front of 15,000 New Buyers or Sellers Over 12 Weeks

From $0.84 An Offer

Plus Digital Overhaul Setup Fee


Get In Front of 30,000 New Buyers or Sellers Over 12 Weeks

From $0.80 An Offer

Plus Digital Overhaul Setup Fee


Get In Front of 45,000 New Buyers or Sellers Over 12 Weeks

From $0.74 An Offer

Plus Digital Overhaul Setup Fee

Campaign Results Speak For Themselves!

Higher conversions and more customers.

It wasn't always easy, but we used the system to help us grow.

Jantzen & Steve – The Plot Quad

I have already 5x my return on investment!

Brent Bowers – The Land Shark & Zech Buys Land

Fast-tracked my land business start-up.

Colin – CGM Land

Help me create a entire system to launch my self storage business.

Colin – Valor Self Storage

My very first campaign was amazing, for every $1 I spent I got $7.50 back which was an amazing return on my investment. I’m now a long time repeat Customer of Supercharged Offers. Thanks Matt and Alicia.

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Bill – Chicago

4 x Repeat Customer

Matt, Alicia and the team at Supercharged Offers have helped us get 25 Deals under contract with ease. Their Acquisition-As-A-Service allows us to focus on Negotiating and Closing Deals with Sellers and grow our business. Thanks guys!


Rich and Kandi – Colorado

2 x Repeat Customer

Are You Ready To Get a Lot More Results
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Here’s the thing. It’s for serious real estate investors who want to take their business from current results to being way ahead of their competition. The outcomes you will get from the Supercharge Offers packages come with a new set of problems – all good ones, we promise! High volume marketing investments that yield results means needing to also supercharge your team to handle the increase in volume. We think that’s a pretty good problem to have. Don’t you?

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