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Top Real Estate Marketing Firm in USA
  • Do you want to stop worrying about where your next customer will come from? Do you want to fill your pipeline with consistent customer inquiries?
  • Do you want to hire a data and technology specialist to help your business grow, but don’t know where to start or what it should cost?
  • Tired of worrying about cash flow and finding a marketing budget? Tired of wasting time trying to do this all yourself?
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Top Real Estate Marketing Firm in USA

Your No More Excuses Business Growth Package That Gets You Results!

We get it. We’re a business owner, just like you. Our digital marketing agency experienced the same pain points: building brand awareness, finding customers, hiring people, managing cash flow, staying up to date with technology. We got tired of trying to be everything for everyone and feeling like we were going nowhere. We all get it!

So, we changed it up. We created a totally done-for-you ‘no more excuses business growth package’ that gets you results. We have a team that does all the ‘hard stuff’ for you like dealing with data, creating online and offline marketing funnels, seamlessly tracking your results and using the most up to the minute technology. All in one place. So, you can focus on the fun stuff

How Can You Reach More Customers, And Know Your Marketing Investment is Highly Performing?

Every Time. Guaranteed!

Let’s face it. Most real estate investors do their marketing the old-fashioned way – send letters and wait for a call that often doesn’t come.

The myth that direct mail no longer works is false. It does work when you know how to supercharge it. Using the same method as every other real estate investor is like having a blunt knife. Functional, but not exceptional. Become exceptional by doing what works by having the ‘swiss army knife of tricks’ to increase your results. And have it all done for you!

Top Real Estate Marketing Firm in USA

Do you experience any of these?


Your marketing investment always feels like you’re spending more than you’re making and digital marketing is not your superpower!


You can’t see your pipeline results, so it feels like you’re always guessing or wasting time


You’re not a data specialist and you don’t own a data company… so the data stuff feels like hard work!


Your lead generation isn’t giving you the right customers or conversion and your pipeline is never consistent


You hire people, but they aren’t delivering the results (a.k.a. profit) you want


You’re not a tech company, so spending time trying to get technology right is frustrating!

Or even worse! You go to all of the effort to research, prepare your data, get your mailing sent and then find your
competition is doing it better! And worse still, you don’t know where you went wrong or where the actual problem is!

Top Real Estate Marketing Firm in USA

Done-For-You Steps to Eliminate Wasted Marketing Money And Boosting Your Conversion Rate Instantly!

Sounds great, doesn’t it? But how?

Let’s get to the good news. You don’t have to do any of these things above (or worse!) anymore. We know lots of real estate investors outsource parts of their marketing, and we know that for some, it’s a frustration when it doesn’t get the desired conversion.

What if we said you 100% can experience these
effective and profitable benefits instead?

Build targeted sellers and buyers lists and differentiate from your competitors

Build trust and brand awareness across all social media to increase conversion

Build your list and find the right targeted customers easily and effortlessly

Use direct mail in a way that nurtures and encourages responses for more sales

Increase interactions and have offline and online marketing totally done for you

Obtain real-time analytics with every campaign to see your investment returns

Build relationships with customers like never before, increase your lead conversion rate

Save time and money by using technology to nurture your leads

Interact and convert more sellers and buyers via online repetition advertising


Get 13 Small Business Growth Hacks Working
Seamlessly Together to Increase Your Sellers and
Buyers Conversion

The Top 5 Reasons Why This
Supercharged Marketing Works

Humans behave in predictable ways when it comes to how they buy, sell, and do business on and off line. Our
Supercharged Offers works WITH human behavior and not against it.

Think about these proven facts:

  • Direct Mail works. But it works better with multiple contacts. 80% of sales are done on the 8th contact a potential customer has with you.
  • 95% of potential customers will check you out online before calling your business. A well-designed landing page tells them they’ve found what they’re looking for and helps you catch that lead!
  • Over 86% of people check their Informed Delivery® emails/alerts daily and open the mail more than other mail!
  • Google Analytics shows 96% of visitors will leave your site without taking action, but 26%–42% of re-targeted visitors will return to the website and take action.
  • 70% of people access social media daily. 43% visit multiple times per day and will convert easier if they have seen you before.

Why Should You Work With Our Digital Marketing Agency?

Firstly, we’re also real estate investors. We built this system for our own business and then realized
how valuable it could be for you, too.

You can achieve all of this with Supercharged Offers:

YOU WILL SAVE MONEY For around the same price as a standard mail house sending just letters, you get the supercharged package. Why? Because we do large scale marketing ourselves, we can pass on those large-scale benefits to you.

YOU WILL INCREASE YOUR ONLINE PRESENCE Build a fully managed marketing engine that works for you behind the scenes, totally automated, on all fronts of social, mail, and phone.

YOU WILL CONTINUALLY IMPROVE YOUR RESULTS We will give you insights that you’ve never had before on how your target audience responds to your marketing, the actual results it is yielding and what to adjust to continually improve.

YOU WILL SAVE A TON OF TIME Take away the headaches of marketing…. Like us, you probably got into real estate investing to make money, right? Time is money, so we will do your time zapping marketing for you.

YOU WILL BUILD A ROCK-SOLID BRAND FASTER Nurture relationships in a friendly, non-obtrusive way and build trust and a remembered brand name with your customers.

Campaign Results Speak For Themselves!

Higher conversions and more customers.

It wasn't always easy, but we used the system to help us grow.

Jantzen & Steve – The Plot Quad

I have already 5x my return on investment!

Brent Bowers – The Land Shark & Zech Buys Land

Fast-tracked my land business start-up.

Colin – CGM Land

Help me create a entire system to launch my self storage business.

Colin – Valor Self Storage

My very first campaign was amazing, for every $1 I spent I got $7.50 back which was an amazing return on my investment. I’m now a long time repeat Customer of Supercharged Offers. Thanks Matt and Alicia.

testimonals 1

Bill – Chicago

4 x Repeat Customer

Matt, Alicia and the team at Supercharged Offers have helped us get 25 Deals under contract with ease. Their Acquisition-As-A-Service allows us to focus on Negotiating and Closing Deals with Sellers and grow our business. Thanks guys!


Rich and Kandi – Colorado

2 x Repeat Customer

Yes! I Want A $997 Niche Marketing Strategy
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Insider Business Knowledge and Tools to Help You Grow!

We’ll do most of the work behind the scenes for you, but we also need your commitment and dedication, so together we get you a great result. If you’re not ready for that, please don’t waste your, or our, time. But if you are ready to boost your marketing results into the next phase of business growth and profits, then let’s get started.

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Simply fill in your details to instantly download your free ‘No More Excuses Business Growth Plan’ and start mapping out your business goals, market strategy, and ideas to differentiate in your niche to create more buyers and sellers.

If you have not done a business or marketing plan before, don’t worry. This plan will assist you with all the right questions (and useful examples!) to get started. Then on your consulting call, our team will assist you with any areas you’re not sure of and collaborate with you for a great end result! Procrastinating? Claim Your Niche Marketing Plan and No Obligation 60-Minute Consulting Call Now Valued at $997 – Free!

*This is so that we can get to know your business. If you do not have a website, remember that we build a landing page for you for your campaigns!