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3 Reasons Why Your Email Marketing Campaigns Aren’t Working

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Picture of Matthew Barton
Matthew Barton
16 Apr 2021

Email marketing is a powerful form of direct marketing known to generate leads for a website better than any other means. Because emails are personally received by a demographic interested in your business or are directly related to your industry, people can form more genuine connections with your business. 

But some business owners don’t seem to see the value in email marketing for two reasons: it’s either they don’t know how it works, or it’s never worked for them before.

Whether you’re new to the concept or have stopped believing in its effectiveness, you should give it a chance. You have to understand why most campaigns fail and how to improve them to drive sales.

3 Reasons Why Email Marketing Campaigns Fail

Your Subject Line is not Interesting 

The first thing that people see when they open their inboxes is the subject line. This is the first hurdle that you have to jump over before writing a stellar email.

When it is interesting or looks urgent and important, they are more likely to open it. Conversely, when it’s uninviting, uninspired, or just plain boring, people won’t even give it a chance. 

The perfect subject line is engaging and written with a sense of urgency. Use an active voice and keep it short enough for just enough text to appear on the preview line. Avoid using ALL CAPS or emojis, especially if it is inappropriate for your industry or the crowd you’re appealing to are other businesses. 

Your Emails are Not Personalized

“To whom it may concern” has never been the nicest way to greet someone, especially through email. If it looks generic, too “sales-y,” and lackluster, people will assume a bot sent it. 

Good email marketing gives the impression that the email was sent to that person and that person alone, even if it was automated. Add personal elements to make it look like you gave it thought. If it’s not too time-consuming, include the addressee’s names too. And as common courtesy, end with a thank you or whatever way is best to show appreciation. Luckily, there are email marketing tools that can help with this.

Your Entire Email Comes off Spammy

Nobody likes spam. They’re a hassle to go through one by one, and they may even leave the impression of your business as disreputable. To avoid ending up in spam folders, pay attention to details.

First, check your tone and grammar. Spam emails often have grammatical errors and sound too good to be true. Second, avoid spam-trigger words. Examples are “100% free” or “do it now.” And lastly, be genuine and don’t sell any promises you can’t keep. 


Email marketing may be tricky, but it will be well worth the trial-and-error and eventually boost sales. As long as you take notes from the things that are known to affect your progress, then you can surely make campaigns that generate leads, get you noticed, or—at the very least—stop you from ending up in people’s spam folders. 

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