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5 Tips to Boost Your Email Marketing Strategies

email marketing strategies
Picture of Matthew Barton
Matthew Barton
09 Jul 2021

New online email marketing strategies continuously enter the digital space, while some marketing strategies have run their course. Yet, there’s one that is unmoving and unshakeable—email marketing. 

Email marketing has been around for years, and it’s not going away anytime soon. Despite it being a “mainstay” in the digital landscape, many still struggle to perfect it. Here, we will discuss effective tips to help you gain more traction through your email marketing efforts: 

  • Make It Personal (Our Most Recommended Email Marketing Strategies)

A huge part of email marketing is establishing a relationship. You need to gain the trust of the people on your email list, which means they need to know you. To do this, you need to personalize your emails in a meaningful way. Therefore, you really need to get to know your audience before starting with your email campaigns. 

  • Pay Attention to the Subject Lines

Your subject is a vital part of your email. You might have read about short and long subject lines, but there is a gray area that is worth exploring. That’s why you shouldn’t be afraid to use both and see what works for you. Remember, every campaign is unique, and your target audience is different from other companies as well. Therefore, it won’t hurt to experiment to find the right character count for your subject lines. 

  • Know the Right Time to Send the Email

It’s common to send emails during business hours because it’s more reasonable, and there’s a big chance of getting high open rates during this time. If this works for you, then you should send the email at nighttime so users can see them the next day. 

It’s also worth considering sending the email when people usually don’t send it. That is one way to help you stand out and get seen. However, to know this detail, you need to undergo tests and see how your audience reacts when they get your email. 

Another thing to consider is to send an email on the weekends. Although the usual business hours are typically Mondays to Fridays, sending emails on weekends can still add value. How? 

Look at it this way—the number of emails sent on weekends is low, which means it can give you a chance to stand out more. 

  • Give Some Freebies

People love getting free stuff, and if you’re giving some, this makes your email even more attractive. You should remember that today’s consumers are always looking for something that adds value. Therefore, think of ways you can provide them with value and give some for free. Trust us; such effort will go a long way. 

  • Make Sure Your Emails Are Mobile-Friendly

A growing number of consumers today are using their mobile devices to check their emails. Hence, it only makes sense that your email is easily readable not only on mobile, but across all devices. Invest in intelligent design for your emails and ensure that they look good regardless of where they’re opened. 


How you market your email today is crucial to the success of your campaign. Consider these tips and make your email marketing strategies a success. 

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