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How Can Call Tracking Help My Real Estate Business?

call tracking
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Matthew Barton
22 Jan 2021

Gathering and interpreting marketing analytics allows your real estate business to determine your goals, assess whether your marketing efforts deliver desirable results, and tweak them accordingly. They help you optimize your business processes and generate a positive return on investment (ROI).

One way to measure and analyze your marketing campaigns’ performance is through sales call tracking. By using call tracking software, you can see a clearer picture of your clients’ calling behavior and your marketing strategies’ results. Learn more about this approach and how it can help your real estate business by using this article as your guide.

What Is Call Tracking?

Call tracking is a system that lets you track marketing campaigns that drive calls to your business. It allows you to assign phone numbers to each of your marketing campaigns, track responses, and assess data according to key metrics, such as top conversion venues and leading call drivers. 

What Are Some Features of Call Tracking Software?

  • Campaign level tracking

Campaign level tracking provides you with insights on your online and offline marketing campaigns driving calls by assigning unique numbers to specific campaigns. For instance, your TV ad will have a unique phone number from your online pay-per-click campaign. You will see each campaign’s performance when your clients and prospects view the different ads and call the numbers displayed.

  • Keyword level tracking

The keyword tracking feature gives you an analysis of the specific keywords that drive the most calls and produce the most conversions. It works by providing unique call tracking numbers to every marketing campaign. These numbers are assigned to only one landing page at any one time, which means your visitors can see these unique numbers throughout the day. You will discover the campaign and the keyword used when your clients call you using this number.

  • Multi-channel attribution tracking

Traditional analytics provide you only with data based on your clients’ last search or ad interaction before a purchase. Therefore, you won’t have any idea about the number of sources they sought or the time they spent before they made a purchase. Fortunately, you can now monitor client interactions in real-time without any hassle using the multi-channel attribution tracking feature. It’s instrumental if your real estate business uses a wide variety of marketing channels.

How Can Call Tracking Help My Real Estate Business?

Tracking marketing campaigns can be time-consuming. When you fail to determine which ones perform and underperform, you can waste valuable time, effort, money, and resources on campaigns, ads, and keywords that don’t generate the expected results. 

On the other hand, taking advantage of a sales tracker like call tracking can help you know exactly which ad campaigns give you the best return on your investment. It means you can get tangible results and access accurate performance data.


Marketing campaigns involve lots of time, money, and effort. Unfortunately, some of them don’t deliver expected results that can propel your business forward. By investing in call tracking, you can measure and understand your campaigns’ impact and make better-informed decisions to increase your ROI. 

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