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3 Common Email Automation Myths

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Matthew Barton
19 Feb 2021

Email marketing allows brands to reach out to leads, helping nurture and convert them into paying customers. In the golden age of technology, digital marketers have been turning in droves to email automation to improve performance and to have an even wider reach.

What Is Email Marketing Automation?

Automated email marketing systems utilize software and technology to streamline the entire process. Gone are the days of batch emails and manual pruning of mailing lists. Repetitive tasks are automated so that marketers are free to focus on more critical tasks, such as analytics, optimization, and strategizing.

Your methods and avenues of automation depend on your brand’s needs. You set your marketing roadmap and build a strategy to get your target audience to engage with your brand and eventually spend their money on your products and services.

Automation can be used not just for personalized email campaigns but also for lead generation, lead qualification, moving leads through the sales funnel, behavior-triggered messaging, and onboarding new customers.

Email automation is a handy tool for any brand that wants to acquire and convert leads consistently. However, there are still many myths surrounding marketing automation. 

Read on for our debunking of the three most persistent ones:

Myth #1: Email Automation Means You Won’t Have To Do Anything

A common misconception about automating any process is that it saves time, and you will only have to push a few buttons to make something work for you. Email automation has some time-saving elements built-in, but setting up, monitoring, and recalibrating a campaign takes a lot of time and effort.

If you’re new to creating multi-branch nurture programs, you need to meticulously build every path your leads will take. And once you’ve launched your campaign, there’s arguably even more work to do—you have to consistently keep an eye on your metrics and react to your engagement data accordingly. You need to refresh your content and optimize and re-strategize along the way.

Email automation doesn’t mean you get to sit back and relax. It only means that the repetitive, manual tasks are taken off your hands. Then you’ll be able to focus on the deeper, more critical work of making sure your systems are working.

Myth #2: Email Automation Will Solve All Problems

Automation is not your silver bullet, and it will not correct any mistakes you make along the way. An email campaign will only be successful if you build a foundation of good data and effective strategy.

For example, if you don’t put work into generating high-quality warm leads, no amount of automation will magically convert them into paying customers via email alone.

Myth #3: Email Automation Is Spammy And Impersonal

Many people relate email automation to the dozens of spam messages sent to their spam folders every day. But in fact, email automation tools can make your brand’s messages even more personalized than if you send them manually.   

An automated process allows for intelligent segmentation of your list of leads, which means recipients will only receive content that’s designed specifically for them. Emails with specific messaging are sent to customers only when they personally trigger the sequence. And when you review your campaign data, you’ll be able to identify exactly who isn’t responding to you, and you can attempt to re-engage them directly.


Email automation is a fantastic tool that will help your brand reach a wider audience, expand your customer base, and increase your revenue. If used correctly, with a foundation of effective marketing strategy and sound data, you’ll be able to maintain and scale your brand successfully for many years to come. 

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