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Are you looking for help with the marketing of your real estate company? Perhaps you want to work with an agency to revamp your marketing strategy and get the results you are looking for? You’ve come to the right place! Here are 10 of the best real estate marketing companies in the USA.

1. Neon Ambition

Neon Ambition is a Texas based marketing agency that really excel in what they do. They have been a Google Partner all start winner twice over and help businesses to get real estate marketing leads. The company is also founded by an ex Google employee who has helped business in the USA and worldwide to grow and succeed. They specialize in SEO and PPC and you can find their staff speaking at Pubcon in Vegas and Austin. They also build real estate websites that have the WOW factor!

2. Digitize Real estate

Digitize is a marketing agency that specialize in teaching real estate agencies how to grow their businesses online. It is one of the most popular real estate marketing companies. They teach agency owners and brokers how to generate and nurture leads so that they convert. It’s a company that believes that the best person to market your business is YOU! Their track record show an increase in closed deals of around 3-7 more deals per month. That’s results!

3. Supercharged

Supercharged is a nationally operating USA agent that offers full digital services. Their focus is swapping your real estate growth frustrations for results by focusing on what really counts – listening to customers and closing on sales. Their team members love dealing with data and creating marketing funnels, so you can track your success and see your business grow. Supercharged partner with Credit Key to allow you to finance your marketing efforts. This means that you can grow your business without the cash flow worries that usually come with marketing efforts.

4. Element 360

Element 360 are a national marketing company that have partnered purely with real estate businesses since 2009. Their niche expertise in real estate is what makes them stand out from the crowd. So you can be sure that you are hiring those who know your industry best. Element 360 specialize in email marketing, Pay-per-click and SEO (Search Engine Optimization). WordPress experts that know how to increase the relevant traffic to your website and bring you the best possible Return on Investment.

5. Borr Digital

Borr digital was mother and son partnership Oliver and Julie Borr and is one of the fasting growing real estate marketing companies in the USA. It’s young and aspirational. They hate the term ‘leads’ and deliver ‘clients’ to your business – lead generation is a term that you won’t hear from them! Borr Digital can save you time and help you to scale your business through qualified appointments.

6. Vivial

Vivial are a digital marketing agency based in Dayton, Ohio that focus on Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing and advertising. Vivial is innovative, ground breaking and award winning agency that thrives on the use of omni-channel marketing to help real estate agencies to grow. They track and monitor your online marketing efforts through an easy-to-use suite of tools. This means that you can review and refine your marketing strategy on an on-going basis.

7. Bold Leads

Founded by a mother-daughter team in 2014, Bold Leads is based in Chandler, AZ. Bold Leads are a digital marketing company that specialize in lead generate for estate agencies. You simply sign up to their system and get leads from your local area sent to you through your customized CRM dashboard. It focuses highly on a ‘done-for-you’ approach because it uses automated software that allows agents to put their marketing efforts on auto-pilot. They even do the follow ups on behalf of the agent! So if you are looking for an agency that requires minimal input from you, Bold Leads could be the one!

8. The Conversion Academy

The Conversion Academy (TCA for short) was founded by Tieba Bropleh, Gunnar Kolrud and Ali Kamel. They help estate agencies get notices by harnessing the power of on-line news publications such as NBC, Forbes and Yahoo Finance. Through marketing on these platforms, TCA can help their clients to improve their reputation and the Domain Authority of their website. It’s anticipated that they can see a 2-10x profitability increase on working with the Conversion Academy. They are so confident in this that they offer a money back guarantee!

9. Generate Agent Leads

Next on the list is real estate technology and marketing company Generate Agent Leads. It’s a relatively new business that only started out in 2020, but their uptake has been massive. They help estate agents to generate leads through their proprietary CRM. This software enables estate agents to qualify leads and builds relationships. They also now run training on the use of this CRM through their ‘digital agent accelerator program’. The program includes lead generation ‘done for you’ with coaching experts from the industry consulting with you to help you to convert the leads into sales and scale up your business.

10. Revamped Real Estate

Want to excel your real estate agency on YouTube? Revamped Agency could well be the best option for you. Revamped Real Estate was founded by Brett Ratkowski, Karan Sanghavi and Aaron Martinez. It’s an agency that helps their clients to stand out on YouTube by using their ‘2 Step Blue Ocean’ strategy. They love breaking the mould and paving the way through video marketing. It’s one of the best video focussed real estate marketing companies in the USA.

We hope that you are completely blown away by the choice of real estate marketing companies on offer in the USA. We know that it’s a tough choice to make, so we also wrote this blog with tops on how to choose the right real estate agency to represent your brand.

If you need help in any aspect of your real estate marketing strategy then please do not hesitate to get in touch. We’d love to discuss how we can help you.

If you run a real estate agency, you will understand how important marketing is to growing your customer base and your brand. But it’s not an easy task! Real estate marketing campaigns can be extensive and need a whole team of experts. That’s why you might be looking for help from a real estate marketing agency. But how do you know which one to choose? We’re here today to help you to decide.

Why you need a Real Estate Marketing Agency

There is so much involved in marketing a real estate company from direct mail to developing an extensive digital marketing presence. It will take a whole host of web designers, content writers and social media marketers to pull it off! So no doubt, you will feel a little overwhelmed. A real estate marketing agency will take on the responsibility of part or whole marketing campaigns. This means that you will have stronger campaigns that will convert into real customers. It frees up your time so that you can concentrate on doing what you best – selling property!

A real estate marketing agencies could help you with:

  • Print based marketing and direct mail
  • Social Media management and social media advertising
  • PR and reputation management
  • Content Marketing including blogging
  • Search Engine Optimization (making sure that you get found on Google)
  • Pay Per Click (e.g. Google Ads)

Do you feel that you need help with any of these? We are going to explore how to choose the right real estate marketing agency for your brand.

1. Choose a Real Estate Specialist

The first and most important point is to choose an agency with proven experience in real estate marketing. It’s easy to think that a marketing consultant is just a marketing consultant, but that’s not the case. Marketing experts and consultants usually specialize in marketing a specialist area because they know the audience and they know how to get those customers to convert. So for example, some agencies specialize in marketing for fashion, pets or travel. You want to choose one of the best real estate marketing companies, because they will understand your audience and know what marketing methods work in your industry.

2. Reputation and Previous Success

Next, look at the reputation of your potential new real estate marketing agency. A good place to start is one of the review sites such as Trust Pilot. You can read previous comments from their past customers. Remember to consider if they are genuine reviews – whether positive or negative you can usually tell because genuine customers will mention specific examples.

Next, ask for a portfolio of work and hope to find examples of marketing success from other real estate clients in the past. Good and experienced marketing companies will back up their portfolio with stats. You want to look at things like conversion rates (how many people convert into customers), ROI (return on Investment) and if it’s an online campaign you are looking for you can even ask for organic traffic increases and social media click through rates.

3. Their Specialist Areas

The next important thing to establish is what kind of campaign you are looking for. Is it a print based or digital campaign? If you are looking for a big digital campaign, it’s no good approaching a company who work predominantly in print (and vice versa). If you are looking for video campaigns such as YouTube or even radio and TV ads then you need to focus on this as a specialism of course. The key is that the agency you hire should be experts in the kind of campaign that you want to run.

4. Knowledge and Expertise

Ask questions about the type of campaign that you want to run and you can usually tell if they are ‘winging it’ when they don’t give substantial answers or back them up with evidence. For example, if you are hiring a digital agency then you can ask questions to test out their experience. If they don’t know what SEO stands for, or how to schedule content on Facebook, then look the other way!

5. Qualifications

You might also like to check out their accreditations. For example, do the staff have university degrees or practical qualifications? If you are spending a hefty sum then this would be expected. For example, if you were looking for an agency to do a PPC (Pay Per Click) campaign on Google then you would expect them to be an accredited Google partner. This is something that you can verify.

6. Are they Insured?

This sounds like an obvious one when you think about it, but not many people remember to check that the agency you hire are insured. This is particularly going to be important on the rare occasion that something goes wrong, but it also says something about the company too. It shows that they are professional and have every eventuality covered – this is the kind of real estate marketing agency that you want to be working with.

7. Location

The next thing that you will need to decide is whether you want someone local or not. If you want an office to physically go into for face to face meetings then geography will come into play. Decide on a location and how far you are willing to travel from that location, then circle it on the map. That’s your search area. But, if you are happy to work remotely as many people these days do, then location won’t be problem.

Do consider the different time zones if for example you are in the USA and your marketing company is UK based. You will have to work out the best time to connect. But people these days work together across states and even continents without any problem. This opens up your options massively!

8. Finance Options

The last thing on our list to consider is something that very few people are aware of. Did you know that you can actually get marketing campaigns on finance? Supercharged offers have finance options to help your business to grow. This can drastically help with cash flow and allow your business to the next level.

If we can assist with any of your real estate marketing needs, please contact us. We would be happy to help!