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Our Guide to Email Automation and Lead Nurturing Emails

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Matthew Barton
22 Jan 2021

Lead nurturing campaigns give your prospects an idea of your brand and push them from considering your products and services to converting them into buying customers. When you nurture your leads, these prospects tend to make larger purchases than those who just buy your products immediately. 

This is particularly helpful if you work in the real estate industry. Potential homebuyers will walk through your properties and visit your website to know more about what’s available in the market, and you want to give them the best experience to push them into buying your property.

For this reason, companies work with full-service direct marketing agencies to develop the right campaigns and email strategies to increase sales and clients. 

If you have a real estate agency, lead nurturing efforts and email automation are things you need to consider to improve your marketing efforts and achieve sales goals. In this article, we’ll talk about lead nurturing and email automation, how they help your business, and their basic workflows. Let’s begin!

What does lead nurturing do?

Real estate agencies who nurture their prospects get more sales compared to those who don’t because through lead nurturing, you get to do the following:

  • Connect with your prospects

Lead nurturing allows you to connect with your prospects immediately. The faster the response rate, the higher the chances of getting a deal and closing a sale.

  • Showcase your services

When leads sign up for your newsletter, you provide them an overview of your company, what you do, and why they should choose you, giving them more reason to consider your properties and services. 

  • Collaborate with your prospects

Because you’ll get to engage with your leads, they’ll be able to inform you of areas where your business falls short, helping you improve your operations and eventually increase your sales. 

Efficient ways to perform email blasts

Sending emails to leads manually isn’t an efficient way to connect with your leads because it takes a lot of time and money. With email automation, you’ll get to send relevant emails to your leads at the right time and efficiently, which ultimately improves your conversion rates. 

  • Focus on target emails

With email automation, you get to reach out to your leads at specific times to ensure that they will open your email. All you need to do is develop an email campaign, create relevant content, and schedule your email blasts. This way, you can focus on other parts of your real estate agency while automatically connecting to clients. 

  • Focus on lead conversion

Once a customer has been nurtured through your email campaigns, your sales team can focus on this group and move these prospects further along the sales funnel. 

Different types of email automation workflows that promote lead nurturing

When you’re working on your email marketing campaign, it’s best to collaborate with a full-service direct marketing agency that will help develop strategies best fit for your real estate agency. Here are some email campaigns that help nurture leads:

  • Welcome emails

Consider this email as your customer’s first impression of your brand. Welcome emails help your company start a relationship with your lead and encourage them to learn more about your company and properties. 

  • Follow-up emails

Once you’ve met a potential client, it’s always a good idea to send them a follow-up email to know what stage they are in the sales funnel. This way, you can make adjustments in your strategy to push them into purchasing a property. 

And after they make their purchase, it’s crucial to stay in touch with them, keep them posted with updates, and thank them for their investment and choosing your agency. 

  • Re-engagement emails

When you’ve converted your leads into customers, it’s essential to improve your relationship with them. Re-engagement emails allow you to bring some business back and help you reconnect with existing clients. 


Now that you know how powerful email automation and lead nurturing emails are, it’s best to collaborate with a digital marketing company and incorporate this strategy into your real estate marketing efforts. With email automation and lead nurturing emails, your real estate firm will flourish, and you’ll build stronger relationships with your leads and existing clients. 

Developing real estate marketing strategies isn’t complicated when you work with the right full-service direct marketing agency, such as Supercharged Offers. We help businesses improve their relationship with clients through strategic email campaigns and marketing efforts, ultimately boosting their sales. Reach more buyers and sellers today!

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