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Email Marketing Personalization 101

email marketing
Picture of Matthew Barton
Matthew Barton
12 Feb 2021

Email marketing continues to be a simple yet highly effective marketing strategy in today’s digitally dominated world. With a median ROI of 122%, which rates four times higher than other digital marketing channels, it’s in many businesses’ interests to learn how to take advantage of this strategy! Personalizing your email interactions are likely to generate more leads and receive higher engagements since buyers are more likely to respond to emails that are especially relevant to their unique needs and circumstances.

Here are several ways you can enlist in email marketing services to add personalization to your email marketing strategy, especially when contacting email subscribers.

Have a Good Subject Line

Your email body could be perfectly optimized and full of high-quality content, but if your subject line is no good, your subscriber will scroll right through it, or worse: they might clear it out of their inbox. To get higher click-through rates and have recipients interact with your email, be sure you send it off with an engaging headline! Consider the following guidelines when thinking of an eye-catching personalized headline:

  • Use familiar sender names—avoid ‘no-reply’ at all costs
  • Keep the subject line short and sweet
  • Ask a relevant question
  • Tell them what’s in the email
  • Do not make false promises
  • Make it conversational

By taking on a more personal approach to your email subject line, you’ll instantly connect with potential buyers and encourage more interactions. 

Ask Your Recipient Directly

People are more willing to answer questions than you think, especially when they know this feedback will improve their experience with your brand. An excellent time to ask for their input is when they register for your email list. You could ask them some questions about how they found your website and let them choose what kind of properties they’re looking for. Once you’ve discovered the kind of properties and content they expect, you can further analyze and gather insights on how to reach out to them better and close a sale. Working with an advertising agency that offers email marketing services will allow you to interpret this information accurately to make the right decisions later on. 

Utilize On-Site Triggers

Another way to personalize your emails is using the interactions gained from your website, called email on-site triggers. One of the most common examples that you can resolve with a well-timed email is cart abandonment. Consumers who are just teetering on the fence of making a purchase decision will often leave your website without finalizing their order. By identifying this trigger, you can send these types of customers emails encouraging them to come back. Your emails could be a simple reminder of the duplex they almost booked a viewing for, or you could add more detail, asking about their specific pain points and promote better offers. 

Other triggers you can use to send personalized emails are lead magnet subscriptions, event registrations, and other site interactions. The sky’s the limit!

Browsing History and Reference Ordering

Browsing and purchase history will tell you a lot about your customer. This valuable data allows you to make inferences on their interests and possible paint points. For instance, you might take note of buyers that booked viewings and then purchased bungalows in the same suburban area. This data can be used to personalize emails with a newsletter featuring promotions and content related to bungalows. It’s a big probability that your customers who have chosen a bungalow to live in will appreciate the personalized content you have taken to curate for them. Segmenting your database and sending the appropriate content related to their interests will encourage more follow-through. 


Sometimes all it takes to nudge your customer in the right direction is a personalized message, and what better way to communicate that than through email? It’s a simple platform that allows you to connect with your audience directly with specific content that matters to them. By having a good subject line, asking directly, using browsing history, and taking advantage of triggers, you can have a well-personalized set of emails for your mailing list that will show your customers just how their needs are important to your brand. 

At Supercharged Offers, we offer our clients business marketing services for their real estate businesses. If you want to use direct mail marketing to get more deals without increasing your marketing budget, then get in touch with us today!

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