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Email Marketing: A Ticket to More Engagement Amid COVID-19?

Email Marketing
Picture of Matthew Barton
Matthew Barton
12 Feb 2021

As COVID-19 continues to affect the way businesses work and challenge industries of all kinds, decision-makers are urged to adapt and find silver linings to combat the effects of what is best defined as an ailing economy.  

If you’ve been keeping track of how the American economy has been faring in the midst of the pandemic, then you’ve also probably been working doubly hard to stay afloat. At this time, in fact, experts urge firms of all kinds to revisit and rework their strategies while capitalizing on the opportunity to adapt and innovate in various ways.

From allocating finances and investing in contingencies to hiring extra hands and giving up traditional office spaces, the pandemic has shed light on various ways for a business to adapt. Among the different strategies and tools that have become valuable to adapt to the conditions posed by the pandemic, there’s one that stands out the most: using email marketing as a primary tool for engagement.

The prominence of emailing amid the pandemic

With businesses seeking to keep in touch with their customers, many have turned to using and leveraging email marketing to their advantage.

Although emailing was already a prominent form of outreach and communication decades before the pandemic struck, it has recently come to the spotlight once more. This newfound relevance is credited to the fact that inboxes and exchanges make it easier to remain in constant contact with potential customers while circumventing the challenges posed by COVID-19.

While there are other tools like social media and paid ads that will put your business, products, and services right in front of a customer, emails offer a new dimension to engagement. The primary reason for this lies in the fact that they can be used to make way for all sorts of interactions and foster social dialogues with relative ease! 

The kinds of emails that you can use for engagement 

When it comes to using emails the right way to engage with your audience over the internet, it’s essential to understand that achieving desirable outcomes stems from using the right formats. Fortunately, you won’t have to worry about sending the wrong messages and risk being muted because simply brushing up on which format you need to use will point you in the right direction: 

For deals, discounts, and offers: Promotional Emails

The most common type of email marketing content or format that you can use to your business’s advantage in the midst of the pandemic is promotional emails.

Typically drafted and sent to raise awareness about specific deals or discounts offered to eligible customers, these emails come especially handy in promoting seasonal and time-sensitive deals. When used correctly, in fact, these emails will get you a significant amount of traffic if you ensure that they easily relate to customer interests—especially if you’re intent on achieving these objectives: 

  • Generating intrigue for upcoming product releases
  • Bringing in more cash flow through increased purchase rates
  • Building an online community where members can enjoy subscriber-only discounts and freebies

For post-checkout engagement: transactional emails

If you want to keep the engagement train going even after your customer purchases an item from your store, then you’ll need to start sending transactional emails out.

Sent during (or after) a checkout and whenever a customer purchases your online store, this type of email can seem like a rather standard alert because it provides key information, like an order number, receipt, and a tracking number. However, you can make these emails even more engaging by writing them in a way that helps upsell related products or shed light on special discounts!


Although the COVID-19 pandemic has undoubtedly changed the way businesses need to operate nowadays, it’s also important to know that this serves as the perfect time to work on your email marketing campaign. By knowing what you want to achieve and taking the right steps towards getting the best results, you’ll be able to use the power of emails to your advantage so you can engage with every customer that comes your way! 

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