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Gain Prospects for Your Successful Business Through Email

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Picture of Matthew Barton
Matthew Barton
21 May 2021

Gain prospects and leads for your real estate business isn’t easy. That’s why you need to have the right strategies to ensure you get more clients. It takes more than one email before a client responds or even takes action. That’s why you need to find ways to connect to them without being too pushy. Here are some tips that will help you create an email sequence that will help you achieve the results you want: 

Make a Good First Impression (& Gain Prospects)

In the real estate world, first impressions matter a lot. When it comes to email outreach for real estate, you can do this by making your subject lines interesting and catchy. Sure, you may have the perfect property for your client, but they won’t open that email until you catch their attention. Otherwise, you’ll be added to the bin of the growing number of real estate emails they receive every day. 

Even though getting your client to open your email doesn’t guarantee anything, having them open gives you more chance to turn them into prospects or paying clients. 

Offer value and content immediately. Get to the point quickly and keep it focused on the needs of your buyer or seller. 

Be Helpful

As mentioned, one email isn’t enough to gain a prospect. Even if someone wants to talk to you, they’ll probably be too busy to reply. That’s why you need to send two or three follow-up emails as part of your email sequence. 

Make sure every email you send will offer some value to your potential client. Don’t assume your prospects read your emails. Overcome this by sending them reminders of your previous communications and combine them together to create a stacking effect. 

Know When to Stop

You don’t need to send emails until you get a response. There should always be the last email, and after that, you stop. Why? You won’t benefit from spending a lot of time and effort on a potential client who doesn’t engage with you. It doesn’t make sense to send emails to an unresponsive person. In fact, doing this won’t make them talk to you. 

If the person you’re sending emails to isn’t interested, they won’t really respond or will send a reply to confirm that they won’t be moving forward with you.

Courtesy is important here, so make sure you apply it when sending emails to your clients. Remember, there’s a limit to everything. 


As a real estate professional, the emails you send to your clients matter a lot. Implementing an effective email sequence that is aligned to the needs of your target audience will go a long way. Moreover, using these tips we’ve shared with you will help you move forward in prospecting, which means you get higher chances of gaining more clients in the long run. Your emails are important, so make them effective and ensure that they’re sent to your prospects at the right time. Finally, make sure you remain helpful and courteous. 

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