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Advantages of Having a Landing Page on Your Website

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Picture of Matthew Barton
Matthew Barton
28 May 2021

Garnering interaction from your target audience can be a bit difficult sometimes, especially without a landing page. Even after adding everything necessary to make your website interesting to readers, the number of people actually choosing to buy may still come up short. 

If conversions have been stagnant, you may need to change your approach. There are many ways to acquire immediate leads and valuable feedback from your readers; however, none of them even come close to the success of a landing page.

Landing pages are presented to your target audience to try and convert leads into conversions. Instead of just visiting your website to read its main contents, a landing page serves the purpose of motivating your readers to seal the deal—whether that means buying a product, downloading an ebook, or subscribing to a service. 

What Elements Should My Landing Page Have?

To be clear, a landing page is vastly different from a homepage. Even so, they hold some similarities. Your homepage contains all of the familiar elements of introducing your website and its products and services. There are also tabs on the upper portion of a homepage to redirect their readers towards the other sections of the website. A landing page has none of these redirecting tabs. Instead, it brings the main details together, using the important elements to gather feedback from the target audience and convince them to make a move.

A landing page may include a headline, a brief description of the products or services being offered, a testimony video that showcases and supports the product or service, and an online form from where your readers may input their information and feedback. You may also add a privacy policy statement explaining how you’ll be using the data gathered from your target audiences.

What Are the Advantages of Having a Landing Page?

There are a couple of perks that come with having a landing page. While many potential customers can benefit from viewing your homepage first, the landing page is still an effective tool in convincing them to proceed straight into the sales transaction. This is further motivated by the following crucial pointers.

  • A Landing Page Clearly Introduces Your Products and Services

Aside from the homepage, your landing page would be able to inform your target audience what your products or services are all about. This focuses more on the marketing side of things. Think of this as a form of direct response marketing, wherein the landing page is also designed to convince your readers to buy what you’re selling in mere seconds!

  • A Landing Page Guides Your Audience Straight to the Sales Option

Landing pages minimize distractions that may stop your target audience from availing what your brand has to offer. There are no external links, nor anything that may draw users away from the final goal. There is nothing wrong with showing your readers what your homepage looks like, but a distraction can drag out the sales process and cause your buyer to hesitate.

  • A Landing Page Helps You Gather Data

By filling up the form, leads are able to provide their details and preferences, which will undoubtedly come in handy for analytical purposes. It also serves as a perfect opportunity for you to gather information about your audience’s feedback and perception towards your brand. These insights will allow you to make more informed decisions when improving your brand’s overall look and performance for the foreseeable future.


The modern business website needs a landing page to maximize conversions. Not only is it a more practical way to introduce your products, but it is also specifically created to garner immediate sales and feedback from your target audience. Of course, it is still your responsibility as the website owner to add all of the necessary elements that would captivate their attention and convince them well enough to buy your products. So do your own research, improve your landing page’s CTA, and monitor all the data you can gather for your brand’s improvement.

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