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Lead Generation for New Real Estate Agents

Lead Generation
Picture of Matthew Barton
Matthew Barton
05 Mar 2021

The world of real estate Lead Generation is a highly-competitive, constantly evolving space; that’s why new real estate agents can find it quite challenging to establish themselves in the market. 

Many things run through a newbie real estate agent’s head in their first few weeks at work — “How do I get more clients?”, “How do I build my portfolio of clients when I don’t even have a success rate yet?” — these are incredibly valid questions. 

For this reason, many real estate firms work with marketing and advertising agencies to help push their real estate business in the marketplace. Although this is a useful tool to help elevate your agents in a busy marketplace, what can your new real estate business do?

Fortunately, you’re not the first “new” real estate business. Many came before you, and they have succeeded in building successful real estate businesses. And because health is wealth, here are some helpful tips from successful firms on generating more leads.

Step #1: Know Where The Best Leads Are (efficient lead generation)

Before you even learn the moves and tactics that will help you close a sale, you need to find the best pool of leads to dip your toes in. 

You should know that the best leads come from the people you’ve already connected with and have developed a strong relationship with. These could be the people you’ve worked with before, your past clients, a friend, and even a friend of a friend. 

If you nurture these relationships, you will generate repeat and referral business, which basically accounts for 89% of business transactions

Step #2: Step Out Of Your Circle

Now that you have a solid foundation with the people you’ve connected with previously. It’s time for you to expand your network and meet new people. 

Hiding behind your screen won’t do you any good, and cold-emails and calls aren’t enough as well. You need to do face-to-face interaction to bring in new leads and grow your client base. Here are some ways to do this:

  • Join a meetup group;
  • Attend events;
  • Speak to your neighbors;
  • Volunteer;
  • Interact with people at the dog park or gym;

Letting these people know you’re a real estate agent is key, but building a relationship with them is even more important. Make sure when you interact with these people, everything is natural, genuine, and smooth sailing. 

Step #3: Create An Effective Strategy to Strengthen Client Relations

Once you have a list of clients, the next thing you need to focus on is strengthening your relationships with them. Besides sending them emails and calling your clients, there are more effective ways to keep your clients on their toes that will help keep you on top of their minds. 

Working with a marketing agency is key to your firm’s success. How? Basically, you’re working with a digital team of experts that can help elevate your real estate business in a very competitive digital marketplace.

When you work with them, you’ll be able to develop fantastic strategies that will help pull in existing and new clients. 

Step #4: Put Everything Into Workflows and Refine Your Process

Sure, you have strategies and clients up to your sleeves, but if you don’t have an effective workflow, you might end up damaging your firm’s reputation.

Integrate CRM platforms in your workflow and automate processes and reminders. This way, you won’t have to stress about mundane, repetitive tasks and focus on bigger and more pressing duties. 

The Bottom Line: Generating New Leads Can Be Difficult at First, But It’s Not Impossible

The great thing about being a new real estate agent is that you won’t be “new” for too long, especially when you follow these steps and be more proactive about generating new leads.

Generating leads is more than just increasing your numbers; you want to make sure to nurture your relationships so you can thrive for years in a competitive real estate market space.

How Can We Help You?

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