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How to Make Email Marketing Work Better

email marketing
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Matthew Barton
09 Jul 2021

One of the most effective methods to engage your customers and prospects is through email marketing. However, email communications can quickly alienate and annoy recipients when done incorrectly, leading to them selecting “unsubscribe” before even reading your messages.

How can you ensure that you’re sending relevant and helpful content to your email subscribers, which they open, read, and respond to? Here are six things you should do to ensure that your email marketing initiatives continue to operate successfully and offer effective marketing outcomes.

1. Organize Your Subscriber List

Every business wants to have a vast and increasing list of subscribers. However, your subscribers’ engagement is more crucial than the number of your list. So, please review and update your list regularly to keep it interesting. If you’re getting a lot of bouncebacks, double-check the emails for mistakes, and if they’re directed to email addresses that no longer exist, remove them.

2. Determine the Correct Frequency

If you keep track of your list and engagement, you can see specific patterns. Email can be effective, but it’s crucial not to overburden your recipients. Keep in mind that they are receiving emails from dozens of other marketers as well.

When it comes to vying for attention and inbox space, quality always wins. Keep track of your open rate, click-through rate, and unsubscribe rate, and adjust your sending frequency to daily, weekly, monthly, or whichever frequency gets the best response from your audience.

3. Make Sure Your Subject Lines Stand Out

Writing subject lines that resonate and connect with your readers is a skill. However, there is some science to it since a few types of subject lines regularly result in better open rates. You can use subject lines to communicate the benefits of your offer or tease the outcomes of a case study as “evidence” of your product’s effectiveness.

Depending on your topic, you may be able to employ more than one of these ways in a subject line. Spend some time writing multiple variations of the same thing. Make use of your email marketing platform’s ability to tailor subject lines with each subscriber’s name. According to studies, a tailored subject line can raise open rates by over 10%.

4. Create Skimmable Content

Email is an excellent medium for sending brief, concise messages. It’s a perfect tool for pointing to lengthier, more detailed articles or information. Consumers look at each piece of material in emails in the same way they do at social media feeds, making rapid decisions about whether to click or close an email. Make sure your emails’ visual appearance and content organization encourage this type of consumer behavior.

5. Write a Clear Call to Action

Make sure the call to action is crystal apparent, and the reader knows what to do to take the next step as you’re visually creating your email and writing the language. Use brightly colored graphic buttons or types that are boldly highlighted and linked. The more detailed and precise your language and pictures are in your call to action, the better your results will be.

6. Track Your Progress and Make Necessary Changes

Examine how your audience reacted to each mailing after you sent it. Deliverability is the first item to assess, which means it reflects the high caliber of your list. You may have many old and outdated emails on your list if you have low deliverability and a lot of bouncebacks.

Take a look at the open rate next. Consider segmenting your list if you’re receiving inconsistently available rates. Divide your list into smaller lists of subscribers, organized by the type of content they open most frequently, to segment it. Then you can send more focused emails to those smaller groups, which people are more likely to open and engage with.

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Email marketing is a strategy that necessitates a continuous commitment of time and effort to improve and refine your content and approach. It requires constant monitoring, measurement, and experimentation to determine what your target audience responds to the most.

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