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4 Ways Marketing Automation Can Boost Real Estate Business

marketing automation
Picture of Matthew Barton
Matthew Barton
24 Dec 2020

Marketing Automation gives you more time to focus on your main responsibilities include negotiating with clients and hosting property tours. These are crucial functions that you must perform to drive your bottom line and grow your venture.

However, it pays to remember that you have other duties as well. You also need to respond and send out emails, file paperwork, coordinate meetings and showings, and so on. While these may seem like simple tasks, they tend to consume a lot of your time and energy as well.

If you can relate to that statement, you should know that there’s a way for you to streamline these non-core tasks—by investing in marketing automation. 

This entails utilizing software platforms and technologies to automate marketing processes and nurture leads effortlessly.   

In the following sections, you will learn four of the many ways marketing automation can boost your real estate business: 

1. It Automates Your Lead Generation Process 

Your business’ success greatly depends on your customer acquisition efforts. 

Considering this, you need to generate leads using various platforms such as your website, email blasts, social media channels, and so on. However, as there are a lot of channels involved, keeping track of all of these can be time-consuming. On top of that, you may also be prone to making errors along the way. This is where automation can be particularly helpful. 

Automation tools can help you add prospects to your database automatically. They take care of gathering the information you have predetermined as necessary, such as your prospects’ names, emails, phone numbers, and so on. 

2. It Makes Your Prospect Segmentation More Efficient 

To nurture your leads and successfully guide them down the sales funnel, you will need to provide them with a highly customized experience. This is because prospects have different expectations and preferences as to how they want to be approached. 

Like the first item, doing this task manually will take a lot of time. On the contrary, using a CRM marketing software will help you automatically categorize your prospects using various criteria. Consequently, these categories will let you send out bulk messages—yet personalizing them according to the groups. 

3. It Lets You Automate Your Email Marketing 

Email marketing is essential to your real estate business as it enables you to collect more leads, nurture relationships, and eventually close sales. It is for this reason that you must enhance your email marketing efforts, segment your subscriber base, and set out emails according to schedule. 

The bright side is that automation can take care of all of these tasks so you won’t need to write and send out emails individually.

4. It Makes Social Media Management Much Easier 

If you want to attract younger market groups such as millennials, you will need to be on the platforms they frequently use, like social media. However, updating all of your pages on your own can be significantly time-consuming. 

Fortunately, marketing automation can help you do all of these tasks and ultimately build a great social presence. It handles all the nitty-gritty of social media marketing such as scheduling of social media posts, displaying Facebook and Instagram ads, and so on.  


As a real estate agent, your day-to-day tasks include more than just talking with clients and negotiating sales. You also have to take care of administrative tasks and marketing functions at the same time. On that note, remember that you do not need to do everything on your own. Rather, you can leverage marketing automation tools that are available today. Capitalizing on this technology will improve your efficiency and give you more time on tasks that matter the most. 

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