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Why Marketing Campaign Dashboards Matter for Reporting

Marketing Campaign Dashboard
Picture of Matthew Barton
Matthew Barton
29 Jan 2021

Much of the decisions marketers make nowadays are heavily influenced by data analytics and insights extracted from marketing campaign dashboards, and for a good reason: data-driven marketing choices are informed and lead to the best results. As marketing tools advance, more data sources are used to produce reports on even more metrics for every campaign you run. If you feel like you’re drowning in data analytics, then you certainly aren’t the only business that feels like it needs help organizing all those figures. 

Data management and analysis systems are essential in organizing your campaign information for use later on. One such solution that has been a popular choice is the dashboard. Businesses in industries such as real estate will naturally need more complex ways of gathering, organizing, and analyzing marketing data beyond just sales trackers and can definitely benefit from reporting and dashboards. 

What a Marketing Dashboard is For

Marketing dashboards are an easy look at all of your campaign data. With data at a glance, you can adjust your strategy in real-time as your consumers’ behaviors change. For instance, if you notice one of your newly launched campaigns doing poorly, you can take a peek at the numbers and course-correct before the loss becomes apparent. You could do anything from relocating a geographically targeted ad to re-segmenting a more appropriate audience without having to waste time and money on a marketing strategy that isn’t performing well.

Features of Marketing Campaign Dashboards

When choosing the right business marketing services to set up a marketing dashboard for your business, consider the features that it comes with. At the very least, quality dashboards you can benefit from should allow you to have all your data in one application. Dashboards can also organize data from multiple sources, whether it’s pulling them from different channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, as well as digital advertising campaigns and CMS applications.

Try to choose a dashboard that allows you to specify the cadence of data uploads, whether you require reporting weekly or need the details of your daily campaign numbers. Marketing managers can view the way different data works together to gain valuable insights from different sources. 

The Advantages of Flexible Reporting

Dashboards won’t be of much use to you if it can’t generate flexible reporting options. It should be accessible on all devices and interfaces, whether on-site or remotely. Dashboards should also be at least partially customizable, if not fully. Real estate agents can attend meetings with clients ready to present and reference the most recent data using the dashboard. There’s no need to spend time creating presentations on insights that might change a few hours later. They can review current progress with forecasted results to support their decisions, homeowners looking to sell their properties. 

Measuring Efforts

Visual representations of marketing efforts and the corresponding performance are extremely valuable in properly showing marketing efforts. A dashboard should show all relevant marketing and sales metrics in a user-friendly way to demonstrate the management of campaigns. Using customizable data can allow users to see the most critical concerns with quantitative information from any marketing campaign. Data on all levels should also be provided by the dashboard system readily for marketers to show their clients.


Marketing reporting dashboards allow organizations and entrepreneurs to avoid passing accountability for underperforming around to the next team or individual. By easily measuring the immediate efforts of the marketing campaign, the dashboard acts as a performance management campaign as it reflects what KPIs are doing well and which ones need improvement. This level of accountability allows you to account for each campaign, identify specific problems, and make adjustments for projections accordingly. 

The Bottom Line

Your business’s success improves when your marketing strategies’ performance is measured against the time and money it took to execute them. This way, you can directly determine whether your efforts are directly contributing to the customers’ behaviors and your sales instead of by mere chance. Random and unmeasured efforts are little more than guesswork when it comes to marketing. The real power is in the hard metrics, which can undoubtedly help you produce the best outcomes. 

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