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Pitfalls to Avoid in Email Marketing for Real Estate Firms

Updated On March 12, 2021

By Matthew Barton


Managing a real estate company requires you to stay connected with your prospects at all times. Whether it’s through updating your online presence or sending email newsletters, you will always encounter homebuyers looking for answers.

It’s essential to let your clients know that you are easy to reach, especially those who haven’t purchased a property but want to keep in touch with you. Email marketing is an effective strategy to strengthen relationships, boost your sales, and expand your real estate business. 

If you didn’t know how immense the impact of email marketing is, four billion people use email to keep in touch with their peers and the brands they support. With that being said, keep reading below to find what not to do if you want to benefit from advertising through email.

Don’t Forget to Encourage People to Sign-Up

When it comes to incorporating direct mail marketing into your real estate venture, it’s not enough to send property listings to the same list of prospects weekly. After all, those who want to buy more than one house are few and far between. If you aren’t witnessing an increase in your sales, you may want to adjust your tactics. 

One way to ensure you keep your clients interested is by focusing on email subscriptions to attract potential new customers. Your list has to continue growing, so your chances for landing a sale can increase too.

You can convince consumers to subscribe to your email list by making it easy for them to sign up and placing the form on all of your web pages. You can also build a lead magnet by giving them something in exchange for subscribing to you, such as free guides, free consultation for new customers, and other valuable promotions. 

Don’t Make Promises You Can’t Keep 

When it comes to lead magnets, once your prospects subscribe to your real estate firm to get a reward, you should follow up with your promise and do it immediately. If you can’t provide it right the second they sign up, the least you can do is send them a welcome email to show them you appreciate their support.

 If a buyer signs up because they’re interested in receiving your local guide of the area they want to purchase a house in one day, you should act on it right away and give them what they need. The moment you hand it to them, they might realize that they want to keep abreast of your updates. You might just start growing your list of customers waiting eagerly for your direct mail campaigns.  

However, when you end up breaking your promise and completely forget to set up a drip campaign to deliver what people came for, you will lose the trust of your prospects. You should treat every lead you come across with care to avoid losing them. By keeping your promises and giving people exactly what they need right off the bat, you can guarantee their loyalty to your company. 

Don’t Settle on Low-Quality Email Execution

 Email marketing has been around for a while and is considered one of the first online marketing methods. However, it’s often treated with less attention than social media and other more advanced digital marketing tactics. 

 The way you send out your emails is crucial because you need to remember that your target audience receives hundreds of emails from other brands and businesses regularly. If your mail advertising methods don’t leave a lasting mark, chances are they will be tucked away in people’s inboxes. 

The first thing you have to do is authenticate your email domain so it won’t be considered spam. Doing this also reduces the likelihood of  cyber criminals trying to impersonate you to steal your clients’ information. Your email copy should also be well-thought-out and professionally written to keep your customers from thinking that it’s just clickbait or phishing.  


The moment you learn how to incorporate email marketing services into your real estate firm, you will realize its capacity to get you the interested homebuyers you want. But before that happens, you must always encourage people to sign up to your email list, keep your promises, and avoid low-quality email deliverability. If you’re too busy focusing on your company’s operations, you could hire an advertising agency to take over your email marketing strategy. 

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Matthew Barton

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