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3 Best Practices for Real Estate Email Marketing: A Guide

Updated On April 9, 2021

By Matthew Barton

Real Estate Email Marketing

Enticing clients to purchase real estate can be challenging because property is often tagged as one of the most significant buying decisions most people make (enter Real Estate Email Marketing). As a business owner, you can often feel this pressure through your email marketing strategy. Fortunately, there are ways to make even the simplest message generate more leads and conversions than longer, more thought-out ones. To do this successfully, use this article as your guide by referring to the following three best practices: 

Give your email receivers some time to think about your offers

Many real estate agents often believe that the secret to getting more leads and confirmed bookings are through constant follow-ups and sales call tracking. However, this approach does not apply to all clients, especially when you consider the number of emails a typical person receives in a day. You also need to think about giving prospects some time to think over your offers. 

As such, it would be in your current and future clients’ best interest to assure them that your communication lines are always open for them. It is also important to determine when you would engage in sales pitches to secure a confirmed deal or give some room for decision-making. This way, you can service customers according to their sales journey or funnel, allowing you to close more deals and beat competitors! 

Write with fewer words and active links (keep real estate email marketing simple)

Simplicity is critical for any successful email marketing campaign, especially with real estate. Your tone of voice should be straightforward yet engaging to entice your clients to reply. This typically means you would write an email of around 25 to 30 words, but it depends on the amount of information you want. Fortunately, you can always incorporate graphics and active links to easily get your message across. 

You can use embedded websites to expound on your services, such as your company’s landing page for property listing. Just keep it to either two or three since doing more may come off too pushy, which can be a turn-off for new prospects. 

You also want to keep the subject line concise and personalized to attract clicks from your clients as they see your emails in their inbox. Most importantly, don’t forget to proofread and fact-check your email campaigns before sending them to keep your strong client-business relationships. 

Reward dedicated clients with exclusive newsletters 

Your real estate clients want to feel like they get unique offers and special leads on the best housing because they confide in your business. It may seem like you are their only source for exclusive deals, but the truth is they may also be subscribed with other realtors. Thus, you must ensure you are the leading provider of cost-effective, client-oriented services and offerings. You can use a newsletter system as your monthly email marketing strategy to pull this off. This way, you can separate the dedicated clients from unprofitable prospects.


Email marketing is a necessity for real estate businesses like yours because of its many sales opportunities. Just ensure to follow all the three best practices to boost your business’s scalability and profitability. Meanwhile, if you feel your want to take your promotional endeavors to the next level, feel free to approach our team! 

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Matthew Barton

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