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Retargeting Marketing with Google and Facebook

Retargeting Marketing
Picture of Matthew Barton
Matthew Barton
30 Dec 2020

Different digital marketing strategies achieve various needs, and retargeting marketing is one method that can be effective depending on your business’s advertising purposes. Many brands will want to use a tool that will keep a big purchase top of mind for customers. Once a novel concept and marketing strategy, customers’ expectations have since then changed. Consumers buy with very specific intentions in mind, and with retargeting, they fully expect to be presented with this information right when they need it.

Creating a retargeting marketing strategy for your existing consumer base can be done with an advertising agency’s guidance to ensure an effective campaign. Here are some ways to navigate your marketing efforts to implement retargeting for Google and Facebook marketing. 

How to Create an Effective Campaign

Knowing the steps to mount an effective retargeting campaign is necessary for your real estate business to execute it well. Follow these steps to get the basics down and design your campaign depending on your needs. 

  • Goal Setting

The first and most important step is to identify your audience and have a clear idea of what outcomes you want your retargeting campaign to achieve.

  • Use the Right Platform

Two of the most popular platforms for retargeting campaigns are those browsing the web and those frequenting social media channels, such as Facebook and Instagram. Depending on your target audience, you’ll want to select the most appropriate platform for your ads. Your business can invest in Google AdWords or Facebook Ad Manager, or even both, depending on your strategy. 

  • Audience Segmentation

Delivering just the right messages to the right segments of your audience is key for your ads to work, so start by creating buyer profiles for your audience. Some of them may be seasoned homebuyers who keep coming back to reconsider other properties, while others could be first-time buyers exploring your listings. Set your ads up accordingly. 

  • Testing the Message

Experiment with your ads to see which ones create the most impact and bring the most results, but be careful not to annoy your audience. A maximum frequency of 10 ads per month should do the trick. 

Retargeting Ads via Facebook

Facebook is an excellent platform for retargeting campaigns, and it uses dynamic product ads (DPAs) to help your business promote the most relevant products or services to Facebook users on the site or mobile app. In the real estate business, you can re-market to your customers using the properties already on your website.

DPAs allow your campaigns to continuously reach people with properties they’ve viewed on your website, even if they haven’t proceeded with their purchase yet. It can also target your audience using any device, regardless of where the original touch-point was with your business.

Retargeting Ads via Google

Business marketing services can also help build your campaign around customers who are browsing the web. With Google AdWords, your business can show targeted ads to web users who have already visited you. Your brand maintains its familiarity as people browse the web, whether on YouTube or browsing news sites, to attract them back to your website. 

Limitations of Retargeting Marketing

Retargeting ads work within a limited scope since they work best with people who are already familiar with your real estate business. While it is an effective way to keep current customers engaged, retargeting should be done alongside a content marketing strategy focused on bringing in new leads for a more comprehensive approach.


Retargeting campaigns are effective at keeping your properties top of mind for those who have already encountered your business. It’s what gives customers that push to continue their purchase with you or consider other properties, developing a sense of customer loyalty. By finding the right frequency of ads to show the appropriate segments in your audience, your business will succeed in bringing in more sales from an already familiar crowd. And with the help of the right marketing agency, you’ll have customers that will keep coming back to you because they just can’t seem to get you out of their minds. 

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