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An Explainer on Why Sales Call Tracking Is Very Beneficial

sales call tracking
Matthew Barton
Matthew Barton
30 Apr 2021

In this day and age, there are multiple channels of communication (with sales call tracking) available to all. This, of course, includes sales reps. There’s a lot to be done from email alone, but then there are also SMS messages and even video calls. Every available medium of communication gives sales reps a clear conduit so they can communicate, in real-time, with contacts. However, despite all of those advancements in communication for business marketing services, the most effective tool for communication is still the phone.

What makes the phone so crucial for sales?

The most ideal way for sales reps to communicate with contacts, leads, or prospects is as direct as possible. It doesn’t really get more direct than using the phone. This is largely because of the real-time two-way communication between the prospect and their sales reps. That way, verbal communication can be utilized and heard, including the tone and pitch, in real-time. Spontaneous exchange of ideas and the like can also happen then.

No matter how long a phone call is, there’s always a conclusion at the end of it. This is a stark difference between simply exchanging messages through chat, email, SMS, or social media. If anything, message exchanges of that nature typically occur to schedule a phone call. 

How can phone conversations be measured or tracked?

With all the aforementioned advantages of a phone, there’s been one rather heavy downside. Before, tracking was only possible through digital channels of communication. Analytics, cookies, and integration tools help marketing and sales understand the precise manner wherein a person got to the point of engagement. It also shows what it was that influenced the person to end up there in the first place. There’s also reporting, which allows for an increase in conversations for teams while improving on them as they go along.

Whenever phone calls occur with a prospect, just seeing the number of who’s calling used to have no reliable, automatic, or instant way of getting the phone call’s true source. A sales call tracker addresses this issue quite well. Sales call tracking gives the phone, which, as previously mentioned, is the best channel for sales communication, measurability that is akin to what digital channels have.

Why is sales call tracking considered so powerful?

Sales call tracking allows specific sources to acquire unique phone numbers. As soon as the number is dialed, the prospect is then associated with that number by call tracking systems. This way, marketing and sales teams will be able to measure and track sales materials’ effectiveness through phone calls being used.

Some systems for call tracking are more advanced, and allow for call routing to a specific person, department, or team.


The most effective tool for communication for sales is still the phone. It is due to the effectiveness and efficiency of real-time conversations. Sales call tracking is so important because it allows for marketing and sales teams to measure and track the effectiveness of sales materials. If you need sales call tracking for your business, make sure to work with a reliable company offering this service. 

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