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How to Create a Successful Landing Page: An Easy Guide

Website landing page
Picture of Matthew Barton
Matthew Barton
15 Jan 2021

Many real estate professionals like you heavily rely on direct marketing solutions for marketing. While direct mail is still effective today, you may fail to attain your desired results if you stick to this traditional method. Fortunately, you can seek various business marketing services to achieve your goals and lead you to success. One of these involves making a successful landing page.

What Is a Landing Page?

A landing page is a standalone webpage that your visitor sees first when they visit your website. It can receive traffic from social media, online advertising campaigns, or email marketing initiatives. 

Setting up an optimized and effective landing page is crucial. When built properly, this page allows you to warmly welcome your first-time website visitors, educate them on your real estate expertise, encourage them to interact with your brand by letting them do your desired call to action, nurture these leads, and turn them into loyal, repeat customers. 

What Makes a Successful Landing Page?

There isn’t a set standard for how you should create your businesses’ landing page. However, there are specific elements every landing page should obtain. You want to tailor these common characteristics to your audience and niche to create a compelling page just for your brand. Essential features of a successful landing page include:

A headline

Your headline is the first element your visitors will see as soon as they visit your website. Don’t miss the opportunity to grab their attention and keep them engaged by writing a catchy and powerful headline. Ensure that it describes what they can get from your page and inform them about your brand or service. The headline should be short yet impactful, so keep it between 10 and 20 words.

Client testimonials

Most of your potential clients visit your website first to learn more about what you offer and customer service quality. They tend to skim through the customer testimonials to see if your company is the right fit for them. 

Help your potential clients easily find positive reviews about you by adding your client testimonials to your landing page. This way, you can create transparency, establish yourself as a reputable and credible authority in the industry, and encourage your prospects to trust you.  

Unique Value Proposition (UVP)

The UVP is what sets you apart from other professionals in the industry. Whether you are a real estate agent, wholesaler, or broker, you can convert your leads into paying clients by showcasing your UVP on your landing page. To do this, describe the benefits your consumers would receive by using your service. It will help your website visitors, especially the new ones, to know why they should hire you or work with you and what to expect from your service.

Call-to-action buttons

Call-to-action (CTA) buttons guide your visitors to buy your product, pay for your service, or subscribe to your mailing list. Because of this, placing them strategically on your landing page is a must. Make sure these CTA buttons are eye-catching, persuasive, and easily accessible.


Don’t set up a business website just for the sake of having one. Maximize its use and benefits by remembering and following the information mentioned in this guide. Remember, your landing page is vital to your website’s success, so add the elements that make an effective landing page to your website. 

If you need help in creating a sales funnel or landing page that successfully converts leads, work with our advertising agency. At Supercharged Offers, we are a full-service marketing firm that can help your business grow. Contact us for a free 60-minute strategy session!

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