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Attracting Prospects With Real Estate Listing

real estate listing
Picture of Matthew Barton
Matthew Barton
18 Jun 2021

Most real estate clients are going online to browse real estate listings. It’s essential for businesses to keep up and go digital if they want to maintain sales and gain offers for what they have available.

However, posting online isn’t just enough to attract prospects. Certain aspects of a listing have to be adjusted and refined to properly communicate with potential customers. Anything other than that can result in a lost opportunity. 

Here are some tips to ensure that your real estate listing is set for success.

Be Professional and Descriptive

It’s good to be honest about the property you’re writing about. That’s what listing descriptions should be all about, but it’s essential to have a professional tone when writing. Communication through a post can be much different in terms of an actual conversation since it’s a one-way street.

Aside from being professional, be descriptive. Fill in information about the number of bedrooms and bathrooms you may have. Describe the environment and neighborhood that a house is in, and sell it as a home any client would want to live in. 

Pick Your Words Properly

Adjectives will be vital to the first impression that a client will have of your property. Don’t go too Shakespearean, as you still have to prioritize a customer getting the right image and understanding your message over using big words. Keyword stuffing is also something that you’ll also want to avoid for the sake of your real estate listing’s SEO.

Highlight the Positives

Clients can be browsing a platform for ages, scrolling through, and finding the same features and amenities in every listing they see. When they stumble upon your listing, you want yours to stand out. Highlight the positives and what’s unique about your real estate. A great example of this are properties with solar energy and more inclusions that make the property more sustainable.

Steer Clear of Repeating Yourself

Many real estate listings can be guilty of this. Some information can be repeated over and over in the listing, like contact details or just the text itself. This is often considered poor writing and can be distracting for a reader. Be sure to be concise and proofread a listing to make sure that anything written twice can be revised.

Check Your Grammar and Spelling

Speaking of poor writing, proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation marks should be a standard that every listing should be following. Anything less of that can rub clients the wrong way and create an impression of you. Create complete sentences, don’t drop an exclamation mark at the end of every sentence, and more! 

Appeal Visually through Photos

Photographs are still a crucial part of any real estate listing, as they’re considered a visual aid to the description provided. Be particularly careful about which pictures you decide to include and publish onto the listing because some low-quality photos or just badly taken ones can demean your post entirely. Hire a professional photographer if needed to accurately capture the place. 


Real estate listings are an essential fraction of the whole campaign in selling a property. Make it count, as most people do gravitate towards browsing what’s available online. Open your lines of communication as you build trust and connections online.

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