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Advantages of Using Direct Mail Advertising for Your Business

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Matthew Barton
23 Apr 2021

Every business owner would like to implement the best marketing strategy for their business. But when budget is limited, it is not easy to just pay for big advertisements or invest in the newest technology. It is always imperative to choose the best method that is cost-efficient and can deliver a high response rate, sales, and ROI. Direct mail advertising is one of the best options for small and local businesses, including those in the field of real estate.

What is direct mail advertising, by the way?

If email is online, then direct mail is physical. Direct mail pertains to the physical mail that is delivered to potential customers’ mailboxes. It can either be for a targeted or saturation mailing list.

A customer may receive mail that includes menus, catalogs, postcards, coupons, brochures, etc. What makes direct mail effective is its ability to get uniquely creative and customize the items on the mail.

What are the benefits of using direct mail advertising?

Effective, less expensive targeting capabilities

Ads set up digitally can have challenges when it comes to targeting, specifically geotargeting and geofencing. In direct mail, these two are the default targeting options. 

With direct mail, you can target all households in a particular geographical location through a saturation mailing list. Under this list, you can also specify which types of homes to be targeted. Do you want to send mail to vacation homes? Probably to business addresses? 

You can also customize the carrier routes according to median data like:

  • Area population
  • Age
  • Home values
  • Average household
  • Net worth
  • Number of children
  • Single or multi-family units
  • Owner/renter
  • Years of education

You need not spend a big amount of advertising costs with a saturation mailing list. This list has the lowest possible postage costs and the lowest overall costs.

Lesser competition in the mailbox

Most businesses nowadays are using online marketing advertising to promote their products and services. It is estimated that an average person will receive two physical mails and over 100 emails daily. How can you use this to your advantage?

Since they receive too many emails and ads a day, they probably won’t open every single one of those. Meanwhile, since they rarely receive physical mails, your prospects will pay more attention to those sent directly to their physical mailbox. 

It’s easy to use

Direct mail is a less complex marketing channel, and it’s done in fewer steps.

Although direct mail can also be complicated, such as when black plating and variable images are to be considered, it is still possible to have a well-performing campaign without these.

Once you have your list, you can hire a graphic designer to start creating unique ads. Keep in mind that good design is what makes the direct mail campaign exceptional. Once everything is ready, you can start sending the mail to the targeted households.

Works well with digital marketing

Since customers love reading online reviews and checking products on their social media accounts, using both online and direct mail advertising can be a big hit. You can reach your customers offline, and at the same time, connect with them online by including digital offers, QR codes, and social media links.

When you send your customer a new home listing using physical mail, you can follow up with a display ad on your Facebook page and LinkedIn account.

Using direct mail advertising and online marketing hand-in-hand can result in a more comprehensive marketing technique that delivers results.


Direct mail advertising can effectively make an impression on customers and provide other benefits to the business. Using this strategy, you will boost your brand recognition and establish a positive image. It is less expensive and less complex compared to other marketing strategies out there.

If you want to learn more about direct mail advertising and how to apply it to your business, we at Supercharged Offers are here to help. We are a full-marketing firm for real estate businesses. Contact us for more details.

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