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Your Integrated Marketing Plan Using Direct Mail

Integrated Marketing Plan
Picture of Matthew Barton
Matthew Barton
29 Jan 2021

Internet marketing is incredibly popular with the advancement of technology making it easier to produce an integrated marketing plan. With that in mind, overlooking a more traditional mode such as direct mail campaigns is highly likely. One cannot be without the other, though. Direct mail and online marketing have to be able to work together as a business’ source for advertising. Having a marketing strategy that’s integrated is the best way to go. A good one involves making sure that every available channel for gaining customers can be used, alongside conversions being increased and better sales.

Integrated marketing, in a nutshell, makes use of all the available channels for reaching a general audience. Whether it’s a more traditional route or modern digital methods, the end goal is the same. It’s important to be able to have every facet of customer relations in a single marketing campaign that is smooth and seamless.

The Use of Direct Mail in Advertising

For the last several decades, companies and organizations have taken on direct mail marketing as a way to promote their products, offer their services, and share special discounts. All of that, essentially, being advertising. Examples include catalogs of their products, coupons, flyers every week, as well as sales being announced. There is a specific purpose to each kind of mailing, and it’s a great boost to having a marketing strategy that’s integrated and designed well.

A Direct Mail Campaign Is Beneficial

There are several benefits that direct mail holds over several advertising modes. Contrary to popular belief, reaching out to customers through physical, tangible mail is nowhere near “ancient.” It’s important for direct mail to catch the eye of possible consumers and be very visible. On top of that, it has to simultaneously give information about your service or product while highlighting your most popular or new services and/or products. It’s also a great way for customers on the more traditional side to find out about the online presence of your business.

Catalogs have been proven to amplify visits to business websites, as well as the time spent on them. This leads to more sales compared to internet marketing acting by itself. Catalogs and flyers offer a convenient way for people to browse various products, letting customers make informed choices about exactly what it is they want before actually spending any money and buying something online.

Direct Mail Integrated With Online Marketing

It can be a rather involved process to have a marketing strategy that’s integrated come to be. Luckily, it’s actually quite possible to track the strategy’s efficiency in terms of converting potential leads to actual customers. Having a database is the easiest way for this to happen. Keeping a pulse on what customers buy often and how they prefer to make their orders is a big help.

Integrated Marketing Plan Conclusion

There is nothing outdated about direct mail, as it actually plays a key role in an integrated marketing strategy. It is a necessary element in order to strike the perfect balance and continuously be able to reach out to more traditional customers.

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