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4 Types of Direct Mail Marketing for Business Success

direct mail marketing
Picture of Matthew Barton
Matthew Barton
25 Jun 2021

Direct mail marketing isn’t as commonly used as it was before, but those who still use it, know how effective it is to reach customers outside of digital marketing. If you want to create a winning direct mail campaign, you need to consider a few things first, particularly what type of mail you’re going to send to your list. The following section gives you a pretty good idea of the different direct mail types you can use to ensure the success of your campaign.

Yellow Letters

If you’re wondering what yellow letters are, they’re exactly what they sound like—letters written on yellow paper. These letters, usually handwritten, give you the impression that they are personal and not mass-produced or templated. This is a more casual design that can easily entice your lead to pick up the phone and call you.

Creating yellow letters can be done by hand or printed from a computer. Yes, printed yellow letters are still a good option, especially if you have a really good working printer that can produce a realistic-looking printed yellow letter. It’s also a relatively inexpensive project as most of the materials cost just a couple of cents per mail. 

Typed Letters

If you want a more professional look, then you can’t go wrong with a typical printed-out letter that you typed from the computer. Many wholesalers find success by sending more professional letters, complete with a company logo and photo of the owner or property. This is an inexpensive way to introduce your business to a target market or start a fundraising campaign. If you do this right, you can create a valuable one-on-one connection with your potential customers.


Postcards are also a cost-effective way to send direct mail. They’re simple enough and quite cheap to produce but have a certain charm that a lot of people appreciate. If you want to make an announcement or drive customers to a store, website, or event, a postcard could be a sensible choice. However, some marketers believe that you can get a better response from sending out letters than postcards. The truth is, it all depends on your market and what kind of direct mail marketing works for them.


For many years, people have relied on catalogs to browse whatever new products or services companies are offering at the moment. They’ve also been an effective way to generate sales, so marketers treat them as one of their primary marketing tools. Despite the rise of digital advertising, catalogs are still being used and have been proven to drive website traffic. So if you’re looking for a great branding tool that can offer your business a host of benefits, catalogs are the go-to choice. Just the fact that you can feature multiple product lines under one cover is already an advantage.


Direct mail is a highly useful and engaging marketing format that allows customers to interact with a physical marketing piece. While they can’t compete with the reach and scalability of social media and other digital marketing platforms, they are still an excellent way to establish a more personal connection with your customers.

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