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Breathe Life Into Your Direct Mail Strategy

direct mail strategy
Picture of Matthew Barton
Matthew Barton
11 Jun 2021

Whoever said direct mail is dead is sorely mistaken (and their direct mail strategy is likely to be poor). The truth is, a direct marketing approach remains to be one of the most effective strategies, especially for real estate agents. How can we say this? Well, for one, 41% of Americans still check their mail every single mail. Additionally, 65% of millennials consider direct marketing advertising to be important, too. Millennials make up a huge chunk of homebuyers today, and they are more likely to follow through with a home purchase when they get direct mail.

That said, a lot of direct mail ends up in the trash bin unopened. That is why it is crucial for real estate professionals to ensure that their newsletters are beautiful and engaging. It should come across as helpful and informational instead of just plain hard selling.

If you are in the real estate business and you want to try direct mail to boost your business, here are some great ideas from Supercharged offers, your trusted full-service direct marketing agency:

Provide Prospective Customers with Housing Market Updates

Your business is real estate, so it is only natural that you’ll include content that is all about your industry. As you know, the real estate market changes faster than fashion trends. So, if you want your newsletters to be beneficial, make sure to include housing market updates for your prospective and existing clients. This will keep them “in the know,” and they’ll surely appreciate the effort you are making to provide them with such helpful info.

Here’s another helpful tip: if you are looking for homebuyers, send your postcards or newsletters to people who are renting their homes. These are the ones who are likely to consider purchasing a property.

Do It Community-Digest Style (A Popular Direct Mail Strategy)

People look forward to receiving mail that is all about their neighborhood or city. Instead of only concentrating on statistics about real estate, consider providing them with other helpful information like new businesses opening in the area, restaurant recommendations, upcoming events, and more.

As people are often confined in their homes, any information on their city or town will definitely be appreciated.

Include Helpful Checklists

Whether it’s a checklist for how to keep their home safe from the prevalent virus, or one for spring or fall cleaning, and more, people are always interested in this content format. These are information chunks that are easily digestible, and they view them as helpful guides. Try to get as creative with your checklists to keep your recipients interested. Also, as much as possible, choose topics that are timely. For instance, it only makes sense to send out a holiday cleaning checklist if the holidays are nearing, and it would be strange to send one when it’s the middle of summer.

Offer Some Unique Cooking Recipes

New recipes are always welcome, especially that people are now spending more lunches and dinners at home and are probably already tired of ordering the same takeout items. If possible, include recipes that have ingredients that can be locally sourced or are available organically in your area, making it sort of one of the perks of living in that part of the country.


Direct marketing solutions that work are ones that are full of information and delivered in a fun and engaging way. Your postcards or newsletters should be a reflection of the kind of real estate professional that you are – helpful, informative, and fun to work with!

If you need help with your direct mail, Supercharged Offers is a reputable direct marketing agency in the United States that can help take your real estate business to the next level. Get in touch with our team today, and we’ll tell you what we can do for you!

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