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Do you have a real estate business and want to directly target potential customers in a geographical location? If you haven’t already considered or started a direct mail advertising campaign, there are many reasons why you should!

What is a Direct Mail Advertising Campaign?

A direct mail advertising campaign is when you target the letterboxes of potential new clients with print based marketing. Most estate agents use leaflets or letters on headed paper to advertise their business, and often see successful results.

What are the benefits of direct mail advertising in real estate?

Do you think direct mail marketing is dead? You could be wrong….

There are many reasons why Direct Mail advertising works so well, particularly in the real estate business. Here are some of them:

Excellent Conversion Rate and ROI

Did you know that surprisingly, the conversion rate for direct mail advertising campaigns is rather high? According to famous online marketing expert Neil Patel, the response rate for direct marketing is 5.3% for mail sent to houses. Compare this to the average click through rate of email marketing which is around 2% or 3% and you can see that you are getting roughly double the percentage of conversions.

Allows you to Target by Geographical Location

One of the most important aspects of real estate marketing is being able to target by geographical location, and direct mail marketing to houses allows you to do just that. For example, if you have a San Francisco real estate agency, you might send a letter to all houses in the Bay Area, or even hone on a fee target streets. You are mailing directly to their houses, so you know that they have a house to sell! Direct mail marketing allows you to target you customer base with precision.

Builds Relationships and Rapport

Many people that you target may not be looking to sell their house or move anytime soon. However, by sending out a targeted letter to their exact address, they have you on their radar. You are building relationships and report with potential customers by keeping in touch with them and updating them on your services. Direct Mail advertising means that you will be at the forefront of their minds when the DO decide to sell.

Raises Brand Awareness

When a leaflet drops through the door, it is a fact that it may end up being left in a pile of papers or even worse…in the trash! We all know that. Not everyone will respond to your print based marketing.

However, they have SEEN your marketing efforts and may have even recognized or clocked your logo. This is raising brand awareness for your business. Did you know that a potential new customer needs to be exposed to your brand at least 7 times before will buy your product or engage in your service? This is the marketing rule of 7. Complete a direct marketing campaign and you are one step closer to closing that all important sale.

You can combine a Direct Mail Marketing Campaign with a Digital Strategy

Remember not to keep your digital and print based campaigns isolated from each other. They should compliment each other and work together as one big marketing strategy. Print based marketing is a really great way to get your social media following up.

For example, if you include your Facebook name, Instagram account or Twitter handle on your print based marketing, they may not want to use your services right now, but they might want to keep in touch for when they do. You can also offer incentives to encourage people to follow you on Facebook. Facebook Fan special offers or 10% off for Instagram followers work well.

You can use tools to make your Direct Mail Campaign Easier

Many real estate marketing professionals use tools to make their direct marketing campaigns easier. One of the most popular direct mail marketing tools is USPS. They have a direct mail tool that can send mail to different customers in different areas and you can run campaigns by entering the ZIP code that you want to target.

Set up to fiver ZIP codes for your chosen location and the every door direct mail tool will tell you how many residents there are, how big the houses are and the average household income! Genius! It even calculates how much your campaign will cost you in postage!

You can make it Trackable!

‘The problem with Direct Marketing campaigns is that they are not trackable!’ I hear you say.


You might be surprised to hear that you can track results of your direct mail advertising campaign, you just have to be a bit clever about it. For example, have a dedicated phone number that is for people who have been contacted by direct mail only and a system to track those calls and their conversion rates. Or maybe send them to a form on a dedicated website landing page that is trackable. Now you can really measure the success of your direct mail campaign.

Mail gets Undivided Attention!

One of the key reasons why direct mail works so well in real estate marketing is because mail that comes through your letterbox gets undivided attention. In life, we learn how to filter out ads. Whether that’s making a coffee in the TV ads break or scrolling past ads on Google to get to the organic Google results, most of us have acquired ways to filter them out. With mail that comes to your door, that’s not so easy. Your mail is something that you don’t want to miss, for fear of it being something important such as a legal or financial matter. This is why Direct Mail works so well, especially when it is delivered in an envelope!

I hope that we have convinced you of the importance of running a direct mail marketing campaign for your real estate business. Direct Mail advertising can be a mammoth task, so you can also draft in one of the best real estate marketing companies to help you. Here at Supercharged, we run direct marketing campaigns on a daily basis, and so if you would like our help, give us a call or contact us here.

Are you looking for help with the marketing of your real estate company? Perhaps you want to work with an agency to revamp your marketing strategy and get the results you are looking for? You’ve come to the right place! Here are 10 of the best real estate marketing companies in the USA.

1. Neon Ambition

Neon Ambition is a Texas based marketing agency that really excel in what they do. They have been a Google Partner all start winner twice over and help businesses to get real estate marketing leads. The company is also founded by an ex Google employee who has helped business in the USA and worldwide to grow and succeed. They specialize in SEO and PPC and you can find their staff speaking at Pubcon in Vegas and Austin. They also build real estate websites that have the WOW factor!

2. Digitize Real estate

Digitize is a marketing agency that specialize in teaching real estate agencies how to grow their businesses online. It is one of the most popular real estate marketing companies. They teach agency owners and brokers how to generate and nurture leads so that they convert. It’s a company that believes that the best person to market your business is YOU! Their track record show an increase in closed deals of around 3-7 more deals per month. That’s results!

3. Supercharged

Supercharged is a nationally operating USA agent that offers full digital services. Their focus is swapping your real estate growth frustrations for results by focusing on what really counts – listening to customers and closing on sales. Their team members love dealing with data and creating marketing funnels, so you can track your success and see your business grow. Supercharged partner with Credit Key to allow you to finance your marketing efforts. This means that you can grow your business without the cash flow worries that usually come with marketing efforts.

4. Element 360

Element 360 are a national marketing company that have partnered purely with real estate businesses since 2009. Their niche expertise in real estate is what makes them stand out from the crowd. So you can be sure that you are hiring those who know your industry best. Element 360 specialize in email marketing, Pay-per-click and SEO (Search Engine Optimization). WordPress experts that know how to increase the relevant traffic to your website and bring you the best possible Return on Investment.

5. Borr Digital

Borr digital was mother and son partnership Oliver and Julie Borr and is one of the fasting growing real estate marketing companies in the USA. It’s young and aspirational. They hate the term ‘leads’ and deliver ‘clients’ to your business – lead generation is a term that you won’t hear from them! Borr Digital can save you time and help you to scale your business through qualified appointments.

6. Vivial

Vivial are a digital marketing agency based in Dayton, Ohio that focus on Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing and advertising. Vivial is innovative, ground breaking and award winning agency that thrives on the use of omni-channel marketing to help real estate agencies to grow. They track and monitor your online marketing efforts through an easy-to-use suite of tools. This means that you can review and refine your marketing strategy on an on-going basis.

7. Bold Leads

Founded by a mother-daughter team in 2014, Bold Leads is based in Chandler, AZ. Bold Leads are a digital marketing company that specialize in lead generate for estate agencies. You simply sign up to their system and get leads from your local area sent to you through your customized CRM dashboard. It focuses highly on a ‘done-for-you’ approach because it uses automated software that allows agents to put their marketing efforts on auto-pilot. They even do the follow ups on behalf of the agent! So if you are looking for an agency that requires minimal input from you, Bold Leads could be the one!

8. The Conversion Academy

The Conversion Academy (TCA for short) was founded by Tieba Bropleh, Gunnar Kolrud and Ali Kamel. They help estate agencies get notices by harnessing the power of on-line news publications such as NBC, Forbes and Yahoo Finance. Through marketing on these platforms, TCA can help their clients to improve their reputation and the Domain Authority of their website. It’s anticipated that they can see a 2-10x profitability increase on working with the Conversion Academy. They are so confident in this that they offer a money back guarantee!

9. Generate Agent Leads

Next on the list is real estate technology and marketing company Generate Agent Leads. It’s a relatively new business that only started out in 2020, but their uptake has been massive. They help estate agents to generate leads through their proprietary CRM. This software enables estate agents to qualify leads and builds relationships. They also now run training on the use of this CRM through their ‘digital agent accelerator program’. The program includes lead generation ‘done for you’ with coaching experts from the industry consulting with you to help you to convert the leads into sales and scale up your business.

10. Revamped Real Estate

Want to excel your real estate agency on YouTube? Revamped Agency could well be the best option for you. Revamped Real Estate was founded by Brett Ratkowski, Karan Sanghavi and Aaron Martinez. It’s an agency that helps their clients to stand out on YouTube by using their ‘2 Step Blue Ocean’ strategy. They love breaking the mould and paving the way through video marketing. It’s one of the best video focussed real estate marketing companies in the USA.

We hope that you are completely blown away by the choice of real estate marketing companies on offer in the USA. We know that it’s a tough choice to make, so we also wrote this blog with tops on how to choose the right real estate agency to represent your brand.

If you need help in any aspect of your real estate marketing strategy then please do not hesitate to get in touch. We’d love to discuss how we can help you.

If you are working in real estate, you are probably aware of the importance of direct marketing campaigns. Direct Mail marketing has a high conversion rate for estate agents, because you can target your exact customers geographically and send information or special offers straight to their physical home address. So why is it such an effective strategy? And what tools are available to make a direct mail campaign simpler and easier for you?

Why is direct mail marketing so important in real estate?

Direct mail marketing has excellent conversion rates in real estate (over 5%) because you are targeting people in the exact geographical area that you can help and offering them a service that they may not need right now, but are very likely to need in the future. Direct mail marketing is simple, targeted and effective.

If you are interested, you can read more about How direct mail advertising can benefit your real estate business in this article here.

But managing a campaign is not a simple or easy task. It may be something that you want to outsource to a company such as Supercharged. Or it may be something that you could tackle in house if you had the right tools for the job.

5 tools and techniques you can use with direct mail marketing in your real estate company

You will be pleased to know that there are some fantastic tools that can make your direct mail campaign run with efficiency. Save time and maximize your campaign by using one of these tools:

  • PURL (Personalized Uniform Resource Locator)
  • Mail Tracking
  • USPS Informed Deliver
  • Call Tracking
  • CRM

1. PURL (Personalized Uniform Resource Locator)

PURL stands for ‘Personalized Uniform Resource Locator’ and this can be a valuable tool in tracking the success of your direct mail marketing campaign. You may think that direct mail can’t be tracked like online marketing campaigns, but you would be wrong to think that, because a PURL can make your campaign trackable.

You may have heard the term URL being used on its own – a URL (Uniform Resource Locator) is what you probably understand to be a web address – what you need to type into the address bar to access a particular website. So, if you have a website, you will have a URL such as www.superchargedoffers.com

A PURL creates another unique and personalized URL that you can use to track your direct marketing campaign only. This is what is printed on the marketing material for direct mail such as letter heads, postcards and leaflets.

Marketers generate PURLs by uploading lists and mapping them into specialist software, which will merge the list with a domain to create a PURL.

2. QR Code Mail Tracking

These days, you can actually use QR codes to help you to track conversions on your direct mail marketing campaigns. If you don’t already know what a QR code is, it’s a black and white scannable code that you can put on leaflets and print based marketing. It often contains a special offer or tickets to an event. When your potential customer scans it then it will take them to a dedicated landing page. You can design postcards and leaflets on www.postary.com and it will automatically insert a QR code for you!

3. USPS Every Door tool

If you are running a direct mail marketing campaign and have never heard of USPS Every door tool, then this could transform your business and change your life! You can use this tool to target potential customers in certain ZIP code areas, so for example, an affluent ZIP code area where you are particularly looking for people with houses to sell. Enter up to 5 ZIP codes that you want to target and then you can hover your mouse over an area and find out the number of residents as well as their average age range and annual income.

4. Call Tracking

Did you know that you can also use call tracking to see how your direct mail marketing campaigns are performing? Your ultimate goal from direct mail marketing is to get them on the phone so that you can discuss their needs and turn that lead into a customer. With call tracking, you can get a unique call tracking telephone number and give this out on all your direct mail marketing material. Then when you receive calls on this number they become trackable and you can measure:

  • Number of inbound calls received
  • Amount of prospects vs. inbound calls received
  • Cost per Lead
  • Appointment Conversion rate

If you set out targets at the start of your direct mail marketing campaign you can then use the data to measure your success so that you can monitor and refine your campaign.

5. CRM

A CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool can be one of the most important tools that a marketer can use. It’s a piece of software or tool that manages interactions with customers and tells you where they are in the sales pipeline. It organizes and analyses customer information to help you to manage your customer pipeline with ease. This helps you to streamline your sales process and get the right information to the right customers at the right time. Some of the most popular CRMs to use in real estate are Wise Agent, Pipedrive, Zendesk Sell, Zoho, Realvove and Freshworks CRM.

These simple tools and techniques will hopefully make your direct marketing campaign more efficient, effective and trackable! Remember, when you track your direct mail marketing efforts you can see what’s working and what’s not, and adjust your campaign accordingly to get the best conversion rates.

If you feel that you need help with your direct mail marketing campaign you can contact us here at Supercharged offers. You might also like to read this article on Choosing the right real estate agency to represent your brand.

If you run a real estate agency, you will understand how important marketing is to growing your customer base and your brand. But it’s not an easy task! Real estate marketing campaigns can be extensive and need a whole team of experts. That’s why you might be looking for help from a real estate marketing agency. But how do you know which one to choose? We’re here today to help you to decide.

Why you need a Real Estate Marketing Agency

There is so much involved in marketing a real estate company from direct mail to developing an extensive digital marketing presence. It will take a whole host of web designers, content writers and social media marketers to pull it off! So no doubt, you will feel a little overwhelmed. A real estate marketing agency will take on the responsibility of part or whole marketing campaigns. This means that you will have stronger campaigns that will convert into real customers. It frees up your time so that you can concentrate on doing what you best – selling property!

A real estate marketing agencies could help you with:

  • Print based marketing and direct mail
  • Social Media management and social media advertising
  • PR and reputation management
  • Content Marketing including blogging
  • Search Engine Optimization (making sure that you get found on Google)
  • Pay Per Click (e.g. Google Ads)

Do you feel that you need help with any of these? We are going to explore how to choose the right real estate marketing agency for your brand.

1. Choose a Real Estate Specialist

The first and most important point is to choose an agency with proven experience in real estate marketing. It’s easy to think that a marketing consultant is just a marketing consultant, but that’s not the case. Marketing experts and consultants usually specialize in marketing a specialist area because they know the audience and they know how to get those customers to convert. So for example, some agencies specialize in marketing for fashion, pets or travel. You want to choose one of the best real estate marketing companies, because they will understand your audience and know what marketing methods work in your industry.

2. Reputation and Previous Success

Next, look at the reputation of your potential new real estate marketing agency. A good place to start is one of the review sites such as Trust Pilot. You can read previous comments from their past customers. Remember to consider if they are genuine reviews – whether positive or negative you can usually tell because genuine customers will mention specific examples.

Next, ask for a portfolio of work and hope to find examples of marketing success from other real estate clients in the past. Good and experienced marketing companies will back up their portfolio with stats. You want to look at things like conversion rates (how many people convert into customers), ROI (return on Investment) and if it’s an online campaign you are looking for you can even ask for organic traffic increases and social media click through rates.

3. Their Specialist Areas

The next important thing to establish is what kind of campaign you are looking for. Is it a print based or digital campaign? If you are looking for a big digital campaign, it’s no good approaching a company who work predominantly in print (and vice versa). If you are looking for video campaigns such as YouTube or even radio and TV ads then you need to focus on this as a specialism of course. The key is that the agency you hire should be experts in the kind of campaign that you want to run.

4. Knowledge and Expertise

Ask questions about the type of campaign that you want to run and you can usually tell if they are ‘winging it’ when they don’t give substantial answers or back them up with evidence. For example, if you are hiring a digital agency then you can ask questions to test out their experience. If they don’t know what SEO stands for, or how to schedule content on Facebook, then look the other way!

5. Qualifications

You might also like to check out their accreditations. For example, do the staff have university degrees or practical qualifications? If you are spending a hefty sum then this would be expected. For example, if you were looking for an agency to do a PPC (Pay Per Click) campaign on Google then you would expect them to be an accredited Google partner. This is something that you can verify.

6. Are they Insured?

This sounds like an obvious one when you think about it, but not many people remember to check that the agency you hire are insured. This is particularly going to be important on the rare occasion that something goes wrong, but it also says something about the company too. It shows that they are professional and have every eventuality covered – this is the kind of real estate marketing agency that you want to be working with.

7. Location

The next thing that you will need to decide is whether you want someone local or not. If you want an office to physically go into for face to face meetings then geography will come into play. Decide on a location and how far you are willing to travel from that location, then circle it on the map. That’s your search area. But, if you are happy to work remotely as many people these days do, then location won’t be problem.

Do consider the different time zones if for example you are in the USA and your marketing company is UK based. You will have to work out the best time to connect. But people these days work together across states and even continents without any problem. This opens up your options massively!

8. Finance Options

The last thing on our list to consider is something that very few people are aware of. Did you know that you can actually get marketing campaigns on finance? Supercharged offers have finance options to help your business to grow. This can drastically help with cash flow and allow your business to the next level.

If we can assist with any of your real estate marketing needs, please contact us. We would be happy to help!

The real estate industry is lucrative, but the competition is fierce. You need to keep up with the market’s ever-changing demands, along with new technologies and marketing trends. It can be overwhelming at first, but when you know the right tips, you’ll be able to breeze through. So, what can you do?

1. Build a Consistent Brand

You work in an industry driven by sales, which makes small wins feel like they’re the best thing that happened to you already. The thing is, these small wins won’t help you sustain your long-term goals.

If you truly want to get the best results, you need to build a consistent brand. Your brand is yourself.

Invest and spend time highlighting the unique attributes that will help you stand out. Look into the basic things, such as the logo and colors you use. Keep in mind that you should also spend time on your messaging, content, and voice.

Your brand in the real estate industry will determine the look and feel of your online assets, such as your website and social media accounts. This is why it’s crucial you figure out who you are and who you want to reach. Doing so will allow you to make a difference.

2. Invest in a Mobile-Friendly Website

Today, you can tour potential buyers and sellers online, and that’s why you need an effective website. However, that doesn’t end there. Since most people use their mobile devices to access the internet, it only makes sense your site is mobile-friendly as well.

Viewing websites on a computer and on a mobile device are two different things. The resolution and scale can be different, depending on the screen. Your photos might look good on mobile, but they might be pixelated on computers. The text should also be easily scrolled up or down on mobile, which won’t happen if your site isn’t mobile-friendly.

When you fail to optimize your site for mobile, you can be in serious trouble. In fact, this could even put a huge dent in your marketing efforts. Moreover, there’s a chance that this could hurt your reputation, and that’s something you can’t afford.

By investing in a mobile-friendly website, you show your target audience that you’re keeping up with the changing times, and you value user experience.

3. Have a Blog

You might think a blog is the least of your priorities—but think again. A blog can help you become a thought leader in your industry, boosting your reputation and brand.

Homebuyers and sellers, as well as investors, crave interesting and valuable content. Many home buyers read content online before they speak with a real estate agent. With that, having valuable content on your site will make the process so much easier for you.

At the same time, a blog will help you establish yourself as an authority in your niche. Use this opportunity to showcase your skills and expertise, but make sure you provide your site visitors with the information they need.

By investing in blogging, you can strengthen your real estate marketing strategy that will catapult your brand to growth.


Nothing is impossible when you know the right tips in the real estate industry. These three tips will help you kickstart an effective marketing strategy that will help you reach your goals and achieve the results you desire.

Be the best in the real estate industry! Supercharged Offers provides business marketing services for real estate professionals and firms. Register today!

Are your direct mail efforts bringing listings? If not, then there’s something wrong with your strategy. Direct mail is a formidable tool when it comes to obtaining listings for a realtor’s use. In fact, even when it is still considered a traditional marketing method, many realtors still swear by it. However, this doesn’t mean that all direct mail efforts produce results. Only an experienced realtor will know how to use it to get listings, and if your efforts aren’t producing results, something is wrong.

In this article, we’re going to share the two things that you must get right with your direct mail efforts to produce listings:

The content

When it comes to getting listings with your direct mail efforts, it is all about proving yourself as an expert. This is done through the content you include in your mail! The content itself must be relevant to the topic at hand and engage enough to motivate the recipient to read what it has to say. Failure to meet these two characteristics means having your mail tossed into the bin or left forgotten. Also, ensuring that the design of the mail is up to par is essential. Emotion plays a crucial role in our decision-making, and when you create a design that plays with positive emotions, you gain a better chance of getting listings.

That said, it can be tempting to “market” your content by creating content that directly focuses on marketing. However, you should avoid creating such content because it can give off a negative impression. Remember, recipients rather have something educational and informative to read, not a pitch. As such, to market yourself, offer educational and informative content! Such content can be delivered in various formats, such as newsletters, magazines, and other types of publications.

The consistency

Apart from getting the content right, you also need to be consistent with your direct mailing. When your recipients get a quality piece of content they love to read, what do they expect from you with the next mail? Another quality piece of content! Consistency is key to maintaining your recipient’s attention which slowly develops into feelings of trust that motivate them to pick you. On the other hand, if you fail to be consistent with your efforts, they’ll believe that you treat your business the same, scaring them away and causing them to look for someone else more reliable.

Apart from the quality of content, the type of mail you send is also essential. Mailing newsletters and other types of publications consistently, such as once every month or even every quarter, is vital to your effort’s success. Different things like postcards can be used to strengthen your message, while magazines can be used to share news and exciting content. Consistently sending these items to your recipients on a monthly or quarterly basis can help them stay in touch with you, keeping your options open and your listings growing.


Here’s the bottom line: your direct mail is going to produce plenty of results if done right! Keep what we’ve shared with you today in your mind, and apply it to your direct mail effort if you haven’t already. By ensuring that your content is quality and your consistency is maintained, you will boost your results which entails more business for you in the end. At the end of the day, you will be able to capture all the listings that your real estate competitors have left ignored, ensuring your business remains competitive and successful.

Supercharged offers is a full-service marketing firm, offering services to the real estate industry to help businesses achieve the success they deserve. If you need direct mail services to grow your real estate business, work with us today!

One of the most effective methods to engage your customers and prospects is through email marketing. However, email communications can quickly alienate and annoy recipients when done incorrectly, leading to them selecting “unsubscribe” before even reading your messages.

How can you ensure that you’re sending relevant and helpful content to your email subscribers, which they open, read, and respond to? Here are six things you should do to ensure that your email marketing initiatives continue to operate successfully and offer effective marketing outcomes.

1. Organize Your Subscriber List

Every business wants to have a vast and increasing list of subscribers. However, your subscribers’ engagement is more crucial than the number of your list. So, please review and update your list regularly to keep it interesting. If you’re getting a lot of bouncebacks, double-check the emails for mistakes, and if they’re directed to email addresses that no longer exist, remove them.

2. Determine the Correct Frequency

If you keep track of your list and engagement, you can see specific patterns. Email can be effective, but it’s crucial not to overburden your recipients. Keep in mind that they are receiving emails from dozens of other marketers as well.

When it comes to vying for attention and inbox space, quality always wins. Keep track of your open rate, click-through rate, and unsubscribe rate, and adjust your sending frequency to daily, weekly, monthly, or whichever frequency gets the best response from your audience.

3. Make Sure Your Subject Lines Stand Out

Writing subject lines that resonate and connect with your readers is a skill. However, there is some science to it since a few types of subject lines regularly result in better open rates. You can use subject lines to communicate the benefits of your offer or tease the outcomes of a case study as “evidence” of your product’s effectiveness.

Depending on your topic, you may be able to employ more than one of these ways in a subject line. Spend some time writing multiple variations of the same thing. Make use of your email marketing platform’s ability to tailor subject lines with each subscriber’s name. According to studies, a tailored subject line can raise open rates by over 10%.

4. Create Skimmable Content

Email is an excellent medium for sending brief, concise messages. It’s a perfect tool for pointing to lengthier, more detailed articles or information. Consumers look at each piece of material in emails in the same way they do at social media feeds, making rapid decisions about whether to click or close an email. Make sure your emails’ visual appearance and content organization encourage this type of consumer behavior.

5. Write a Clear Call to Action

Make sure the call to action is crystal apparent, and the reader knows what to do to take the next step as you’re visually creating your email and writing the language. Use brightly colored graphic buttons or types that are boldly highlighted and linked. The more detailed and precise your language and pictures are in your call to action, the better your results will be.

6. Track Your Progress and Make Necessary Changes

Examine how your audience reacted to each mailing after you sent it. Deliverability is the first item to assess, which means it reflects the high caliber of your list. You may have many old and outdated emails on your list if you have low deliverability and a lot of bouncebacks.

Take a look at the open rate next. Consider segmenting your list if you’re receiving inconsistently available rates. Divide your list into smaller lists of subscribers, organized by the type of content they open most frequently, to segment it. Then you can send more focused emails to those smaller groups, which people are more likely to open and engage with.

Are You Ready to Refine Your Email Strategy? Invest In Email Marketing Services!

Email marketing is a strategy that necessitates a continuous commitment of time and effort to improve and refine your content and approach. It requires constant monitoring, measurement, and experimentation to determine what your target audience responds to the most.

By hiring our email marketing services at Supercharged Offers, you can effectively communicate with your target audience and have a successful email marketing campaign. Get in touch with us to get started!

New online email marketing strategies continuously enter the digital space, while some marketing strategies have run their course. Yet, there’s one that is unmoving and unshakeable—email marketing. 

Email marketing has been around for years, and it’s not going away anytime soon. Despite it being a “mainstay” in the digital landscape, many still struggle to perfect it. Here, we will discuss effective tips to help you gain more traction through your email marketing efforts: 

  • Make It Personal (Our Most Recommended Email Marketing Strategies)

A huge part of email marketing is establishing a relationship. You need to gain the trust of the people on your email list, which means they need to know you. To do this, you need to personalize your emails in a meaningful way. Therefore, you really need to get to know your audience before starting with your email campaigns. 

  • Pay Attention to the Subject Lines

Your subject is a vital part of your email. You might have read about short and long subject lines, but there is a gray area that is worth exploring. That’s why you shouldn’t be afraid to use both and see what works for you. Remember, every campaign is unique, and your target audience is different from other companies as well. Therefore, it won’t hurt to experiment to find the right character count for your subject lines. 

  • Know the Right Time to Send the Email

It’s common to send emails during business hours because it’s more reasonable, and there’s a big chance of getting high open rates during this time. If this works for you, then you should send the email at nighttime so users can see them the next day. 

It’s also worth considering sending the email when people usually don’t send it. That is one way to help you stand out and get seen. However, to know this detail, you need to undergo tests and see how your audience reacts when they get your email. 

Another thing to consider is to send an email on the weekends. Although the usual business hours are typically Mondays to Fridays, sending emails on weekends can still add value. How? 

Look at it this way—the number of emails sent on weekends is low, which means it can give you a chance to stand out more. 

  • Give Some Freebies

People love getting free stuff, and if you’re giving some, this makes your email even more attractive. You should remember that today’s consumers are always looking for something that adds value. Therefore, think of ways you can provide them with value and give some for free. Trust us; such effort will go a long way. 

  • Make Sure Your Emails Are Mobile-Friendly

A growing number of consumers today are using their mobile devices to check their emails. Hence, it only makes sense that your email is easily readable not only on mobile, but across all devices. Invest in intelligent design for your emails and ensure that they look good regardless of where they’re opened. 


How you market your email today is crucial to the success of your campaign. Consider these tips and make your email marketing strategies a success. 

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Real estate professionals know that when it comes to marketing a property, the content of a real estate listing has a lot more power than you’d think. A well-placed adjective can persuade potential buyers to get in touch, and while the property has to do the rest, good terminology will at least help you get one foot into the door.

Knowing which real estate descriptive words to use in your adverts will help you improve their effectiveness. Have you been struggling to get leads on properties you advertise online? Perhaps switching up the language will help. Let’s take a look at five key terms that can pack a punch in your listings or ads.

1. Deluxe or Luxurious (Our two most used words in our real estate listings)

Let’s face it: We all love to indulge every so often. While using the word “luxury” to describe a home can frighten away purchasers on a tight budget, the truth is that these buyers are not the ones who will purchase high-end luxury residences. You’re seeking those with deep pockets if you’re looking for a place that advertises itself as opulent—and the word “deluxe” or “luxurious” will draw the right people.

Just a note: If you’re going to use this word in your marketing, make sure it’s just for the most significant homes in terms of location, decor, and amenities. Overusing this word for properties that can’t be described as luxurious can only result in your reputation taking a hit.

2. Eco-Friendly or Energy Efficient

More customers than ever before are interested in purchasing green homes. This is due to the increase in awareness of environmental issues as well as the knowledge that energy-efficient homes are much more cost-effective in terms of utilities.

You may make a property far more appealing to potential buyers by marketing it as energy-efficient. We’d even go so far as to say it’s a characteristic you should highlight as much as possible to boost a home’s worth!

3. Getaway or Retreat

Any place described as a “getaway” conjures up images of a weekend road trip through the countryside or a little beachside retreat. If you’re marketing a property in the countryside or by the sea that is still within a few hours’ proximity to the city, consider framing it as a vacation house for families who wish to get away from the grind of work and school.
Getaway or retreat properties are frequently located in scenic locations away from the hustle and bustle of the metropolis. Try to describe it to buyers in a way that shows the property is a place to relax and switch up their normal routine.

4. Built to Last

A common misconception homebuyers hold about new constructions is that they’re made of poor quality materials and shoddy craftsmanship. Even if that’s not the case, your listing may not be getting the attention it should because buyers don’t have faith in the home’s quality.
The phrase “built to last” can pack a punch because it infers careful construction and durable materials. It will inspire trust and indicate that the home has good bones and will last for many more years to come!

5. Private or Haven

When it comes to purchasing a property, many buyers prioritize solitude. The word “haven” takes privacy a bit further by inspiring thoughts of a beautiful, isolated property.
A calm site has numerous characteristics, including enough space between surrounding houses, tall fences, and so on. If you have a listing that fits that criteria, feel free to use the words “private” or “quiet” in your adverts.

The Takeaway

A great real estate marketing strategy is not about utilizing terminology and descriptive words that only realtors understand. Instead, it’s about choosing words that pique your buyer’s interest and allow them to envision themselves living in or purchasing the property.

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There’s so much discourse about what approaches to marketing work and which ones don’t. One point of contention that has to be at the top of the conversation is direct mail marketing. This practice of engaging potential customers by sending envelopes of messages through their mailboxes had proven to be effective in the past.

With the rise of the digital space and social media, though, most businesses have moved on to those endeavors instead. It begs the question of whether or not there’s still effectiveness with direct mail marketing.

To answer that accurately, though, it’s important to note the goals of the business when they’re trying to market their company, products, and services. Here are some examples.

Reaching People

There’s definitely an increased amount of internet users, considering the continuous production of the tech industry. However, having users on those platforms on their computers doesn’t change the fact that they still open their mail and read what’s inside. Going into direct mail marketing can help you target a specific audience or, in this case, neighborhood.

It isn’t all too difficult to reach clients, too, since it’s as simple as getting their addresses from your local address book. Create a quick schedule of when you’re going to send mail and prepare some prints out. Once you have them all done and enclosed, your business is just about ready to dispatch them out!

Improving Lead Generation

Businesses strive to convert their prospects into leads that will eventually become full-fledged customers. Since we’ve established that direct mail marketing can help you contact people, it goes to show that the next step is piquing their interest. Answer the question of why they should look into your brand and what it has to offer.

There are multiple ways you can go about using direct mail to increase your leads. Aside from the volume of people you’re sending your message to, try to think about what you’re sending them as well. Don’t settle with just giving them a heads up, but also inform them about what exactly you’re inviting them to get.

Executing Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is somewhat of a top priority for businesses. The more known your brand is, the more patrons there will be for your goods and services. If what you’re selling would be a hit locally, it’s best to take advantage of selling mail directly to their address and let them know what you have to offer.

Some things to consider when sending in direct mail to make your brand more known are:

  • Be Selective With Your Postcard Design. Just like any advertisement material, you want it to be attention-grabbing and readable. Make it eye-catching so that they can check out the whole thing and get hooked by your brand.
  • Send Something to Be Kept. Alongside your message, giving back to people can make your mail stand out from all the other things and even brighten up your future customer’s day! Putting in something relevant to your business that you know they can use, such as a pamphlet of a new home or current price list of properties on the market.
  • Put a QR Code in. If you really want to get digital while staying traditional, putting a QR code in can be pretty effective. It will be super easy for your recipient to scan it with their smartphones and get on the landing page that you choose for them to go to. Many recommend their website’s homepage to allow a lead to explore more.


Direct mail marketing can certainly fulfill a number of business goals. It’s still on par with plenty of other strategies, which can be rather strange as to why it’s so underused. Gain the upper hand and dive into direct mail marketing.

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