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The Internet has undoubtedly transformed how we do things in today’s modern and digital society. This is evident in how we approach marketing, especially since it is now done online or through email marketing campaigns. The Internet has been monumental when it comes to connecting buyers and sellers, making it a useful tool for everyone in the real estate industry.

However, the success of the Internet doesn’t mean that there is no longer a need for direct mail. In fact, direct mail marketing can still be a more effective way to approach marketing given the right situation. If you don’t believe us, read on as we list down four reasons you should be using direct mail for real estate:

People Read Direct Mail

Marketing is essentially rendered useless if your target market ignores what you have to say. Now, consider that your target market receives dozens of emails every day. Due to the sheer number of messages they receive online, they’re less likely to read whatever you send them. 

The modern-day consumer has developed a “blindness” to marketing emails and other digital marketing efforts, as they are constantly bombarded by it whenever they are on the Internet. But this isn’t the case when it comes to direct mail. In fact, studies show that 42% of recipients read or at the very least scan mail pieces that they receive directly.

Higher Response Rate

Now, getting your customer base to read what is sent to them is only half the battle. Conversion is the end goal here, and direct mail also succeeds in that regard. Did you know that response rates for direct mail can reach up to 5.3%? This easily beats out other digital methods that merely hover around the 0.3 to 0.9% response rate!

Direct Mail Is Unique

The real estate industry is one of the most competitive industries in the country today, which is why you’ll want to do all you can to stand out. Direct mail is a great way to do this, as most marketing is now done in the digital space. By making use of direct mail, you immediately stand out and help set yourself up for success in the long run.  

Direct Mail Is More Personal

Direct mail is also just more personal. It shows your potential customer base that you’re willing to go the extra mile for them. The personal element of direct mail is made even more important when it comes to the local real estate industry. Because it’s more personal, you’re more likely to form local relationships, which will prove to be helpful when it comes to catering to the local market!


We hope this article has shed some light on how effective direct mail marketing can be for your real estate business today. Indeed, it does have significant advantages that can sometimes even put it above digital marketing solutions. However, this doesn’t mean that you should completely abandon your digital marketing efforts. For your business to succeed, you’ll need to strike the perfect balance of online and offline marketing to yield desirable results!

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People will always have something to comment about the things you do, wear, or say. But when it comes to your real estate business, do not let all these hearsay affect you and how you run your business. If there is an important lesson from all these that can help expand your real estate business, it is uncovering the myths that must be ignored.

If you want your business to grow and succeed, here are three real estate marketing myths that you must never fall for:

Myth 1: Word of Mouth Would Do the Job for You

Indeed, word of mouth is a strong form of advertising that can help you advertise your business. Yet, relying on it alone will not do your real estate business any good. If you want to succeed in this business, you need to have constant new leads, or else your competitors will win all potential clients over. This is why you should also actively promote your business in other means. 

Here are some suggestions that will help and not require you to break the bank:

  • Make sure to always have a copy of your business card wherever you go and hand them to as many people as you can when an opportunity arises. Likewise, make your cards work by including an effective call to action.
  • Be extra thoughtful to your current and past clients. Gently and creatively remind them to keep on referring you to their connections.
  • Invest in flyers and make sure it is complete with the necessary information that potential clients will love to know about you and your service. 

Myth 2: You Have to Spend on Expensive Ads to Get More Clients

Ads will undoubtedly help your business, but you do not have to spend much on newspaper ads or billboards to keep the business running. What you need is to find the right clients and reach out to them. Start by setting a limit on the location you are serving, then by demographic and income. Once you find the core, you can identify the right medium that will work for them.

Currently, digital and prints are the best platforms that can generate your desired result faster, so make sure to consider them to your strategy.

Myth 3: People With Budget and Experience Are Hard to Beat

Whether or not it is in real estate, there is always this notion that the more experienced or influential people in any industry are difficult to overcome. This myth will never be true because the right strategy and attitude can help you surpass anyone, whether you are a beginner or a seasoned broker in the business.

The keys to standing out and outperforming these giants are simple:

  • Identify their weakness
  • Identify the services or packages that they do not offer which you can provide
  • Offer something new that they have never thought of

Most importantly, do not forget that real estate capitalizes on relationship-building. If you set that as your priority and build your business around it, you can easily accomplish more than you can imagine. 


In a highly competitive industry like real estate, encountering myths is not something new. A new marketer or even an experienced one can always be a victim of these myths. As such, keep in mind that real estate marketing is a flexible process; what can work for other agents might not work for you. Whenever you plan, make sure that you keep your target market in the center as your priority. 

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At present, you can find entrepreneurs, investors, and marketers incorporating automated real estate direct mail marketing as part of their campaign strategy to boost their prospects. By focusing on improving their listings, buyers, and potential customers through directly reaching out to consumers, you can look forward to achieving success.

If you belong to the real estate industry, it doesn’t matter if you’re an agent, investor, or marketer, so long as you can apply effective marketing strategies to enhance lead generation. Part of your tactic should be utilizing direct mail marketing to acquire new prospects and expand your real estate firm. 

Through automated realtor direct mail campaigns, you can create a direct connection with local home buyers and present physical postcards to serve as a resource for your prospects. Keep reading below to find out reasons to incorporate direct mail marketing for your real estate company.  

You Can Develop a Local Bond With Your Clients

Part of running a real estate business is becoming familiar with the local community. When you encounter potential homebuyers and sellers, they want to depend on an expert that knows the area and market like a certified local.  

When you apply direct mail marketing solutions, you can prove to your prospects that you know the place like the back of your hand and can quickly lead them to the right neighborhood. Other than that, you’re showing them that you want what’s best for your clients by offering good deals and giving good real estate advice.

You Can Rely on Automated Direct Mail Methods

Thanks to technological advancements, what’s vital about direct mail advertising is you can choose to automate them. As a result, you learn how to manage your time wisely and reach out to more interested homebuyers.

Automation includes spending less time developing mailing campaigns, printing them out, and mailing them one by one. Instead, you have more than enough extra time, which you can use to think of ways to expand your company, connect with your prospects, and strengthen relationships.

You Can Display Local Social Proof Through Mail

Social proof should be one of your priorities regarding promoting properties and house listings because it inspires your potential customers to trust your company. When people can witness that your real estate firm is helping other individuals and families living in similar conditions as them, they will be motivated to take a shot at your offers.

 You can apply direct mail advertising to prove to your clients that you accomplished significant sales for local clients and provided them homes with great value. The same goes for interested sellers that want to let go of their home because you can convince them you know what you’re doing and can take over without issues.

You Can Offer Home Listings Based on the Season

It’s integral to understand that you can’t expect endless home sales all-year-round because there are certain seasons of the year that are busier compared to other months. With that in mind, you have to remember that the summertime offers plenty of opportunities for a sale.

You can’t expect families to move into a new home in the middle of the school year, so they will always prefer to buy a home during the summer or holidays. Before the busy seasons arrive, you have to launch your direct mail campaigns and target potential buyers during the first few months of the year.


With direct mail marketing, you can increase your chances of growing your real estate company much faster. You can find yourself developing a local bond with your clients, relying on automated direct mail methods, displaying local social proof, and offering seasonal home listings to address people’s needs. If you’re having a challenging time handling your campaigns, you can reach out to a direct marketing agency for professional help.

Are you looking for direct mailing services in the US for your real estate firm? Supercharged Offers is a full-service marketing firm that strives to assist real estate businesses in need. Get in touch with us today to find out how to start driving your sales!



Real estate agents play a dynamic role in helping buyers and owners find properties. While they’re mostly busy negotiating offers and hosting house tours, one of the biggest bits of effort they have to make includes the advertisement of their expertise and services through marketing. Without finding ways to reach their target audience of buyers and sellers, agents could easily be out of a job or struggling to do business. Generating these leads is what keeps the sales funnel going and business thriving.

However, it’s not enough to do marketing the way other agents do. Setting yourself apart by finding unique ways to connect with potential buyers can significantly increase your leads. Here are 6 ways you can work with an advertising agency to break the routine using these underrated lead generation ideas.

  • Do Your Property Tour via Live Stream

If you want to reach more interested home buyers, then hosting a live stream on Facebook might be the best way to do it. You can still get the same mechanics as doing a property tour in person, such as answering questions as people ask them and showing every part of the house before it goes on the market. The only difference with this virtual method is that you’re likely to be seen by many more people, which is a great way to cast a wider net for potential leads. 

You can also get in touch with your viewers through email or messaging on social media, where you can redirect them to your main site to sign up for more updates. 

  • Use Social Media Ads

If someone has visited your website in the past month, only to never return, then you can retarget them using an ad for your business. These advertisements show up directly on their social media feed, and it is an effective way of reminding them to revisit your website. 

Social media ads are also one of the most affordable ways to advertise, so taking advantage of them will likely bring you more positive outcomes than negative ones. Start with Facebook Ads, then continue exploring other avenues, such as Google Ads for keyword targeting.

  • Use SMS Marketing

Communicating with your lead by texting their mobile phones might seem intrusive, but it is the perfect balance between contacting them directly without having to make an aggressive phone call. This is especially effective for millennials who are known to hate phone calls and would much prefer receiving an SMS first. Using this simple but effective method will allow you to touch on this demographic as well. 

Execute this by adding a cell phone number field to your lead generation forms, and then start nurturing your leads with a tool like SimpleTexting.

  • Make Interactive Quizzes

An especially unique lead generation tactic that not many real estate businesses use is interactive quizzes featured on webpages or blog posts. Interested buyers can figure out what they’re looking for and what options you have for their needs. A sneaky move here is asking for their email addresses to send them their results. You now have a lead to keep warm!

  • Get Comfortable with Cold Outreach

Cold outreach makes most businesses and marketers feel a little uneasy, but that doesn’t diminish its effectiveness when done correctly. Try to get past your anxiety of doing cold emails by using a template to get you started. There are also tools available that will allow you to collect a list of prospects to contact, and investing in email marketing services can get your momentum going. Getting over that initial fear will let you realize just how advantageous it can be for your real estate lead generation!


Lead generation is challenging, but most of the time, it’s harder than people make it out to be. It’s about finding creative ways to pull information and interest from your prospects and guiding them throughout the sales funnel. By viewing this task as more than just another marketing technique, you’ll find ways to turn up your lead generation game and bring them all the way to conversion for your real estate business.

At Supercharged Offers, our clients can rely on a full-service direct marketing agency specifically for their real estate business. To know how you can reach more buyers and sellers with a high performing marketing investment, get in touch with us today!

Marketing remains an integral part of any business, no matter which industry they belong to. In the case of real estate, your marketing efforts could mean the difference between getting clients and closing deals or having your property stay a sitting duck. With so many possibilities for lead generation, it can be confusing to figure out where to start. Here are 5 great ideas for you to try when developing a lead generation strategy with an advertising agency for your real estate business.

  • Give Out Handwritten Thank You Notes

Writing out a card to say thank you to clients might seem like an unnecessary waste of time, especially when you can express the same sentiments through text or instant message. Think of it this way: you’ll be far more memorable if you hand them a note or a card. Not all real estate business representatives would take the time to do this, so it will definitely leave a great impression on your buyers and sellers and prompt them to talk about you favorably the next time someone asks for a referral. 

  • Host a Housewarming Party for Your Clients

The difference between being a good real estate agent and surpassing clients’ expectations is in the little things. Think about what your clients need and go the extra mile to make them feel more valued. One great idea is to host a housewarming party for them, whether you help organize the party or send a simple token as a housewarming gift. Remember, simple is best. You don’t have to exert too much effort or go over budget to impress your client and their guests. By simply being present, you can generate enough interest to gather some leads.

  • Be Active on Social Media Groups

What better way to generate leads than to explore relevant social media groups? Facebook and LinkedIn are excellent platforms frequently used by buyers and sellers alike. Try joining your local neighborhood group and post about your services. The more you position yourself as an active, helpful, and trustworthy presence in these groups, the neighborhood will gradually get to know your name and will remember you when they start to consider buying a home.

  • Set Up a Workshop for Homebuyers

Another avenue for lead generation is by sharing your expertise with potential clients. First-time homebuyers are sure to attend as they are usually looking for guidance from experienced and trustworthy professionals. Depending on your area’s safety regulations, you can choose to set this up online with the webinar software of your choice, or you can rent an appropriately-sized venue in your area and promote your event to homebuyers. 

This is where direct mail marketing shines and brings more results than if you solely concentrate your marketing efforts online. Send out physical invitations to homebuyers before the event to encourage attendance, then leave cards in everybody’s seat to help gather contact information to add these prospects to your marketing funnel. Keep them warm until they’re ready to buy.

  • Take Advantage of Digital Marketing

Everybody is well-immersed in the digital sphere, and this is where your real estate business should make its presence known. The goal is to create relevant, engaging, and organic content that presents you as a thought leader in your niche, local area, and industry. Sending newsletters regularly with value-adding content for your audience will keep your real estate business top of mind. Incorporating video marketing is also helpful since it is considered the most engaging type of media. For example, drone footage is very apt since it’s so visually appealing. All of these can help you inform and engage leads.


This is by no means an exhaustive list, but exploring these ideas to generate leads can help your real estate business somehow. You can choose to hold informative events like workshops or pull out the stops on your digital marketing strategy depending on what you deem to be most fit for your business and its target audience. Adding a very personal touch with direct mail marketing is one way to set you apart from other agents, and it can foster a relationship between you and your clients that will last for many years to come.

At Supercharged Offers, we provide real estate businesses with full-service marketing. We cover everything from dealing with data to creating marketing funnels and tracking your results. For seamless and supercharged business marketing services, get in touch with us today!

Much of the decisions marketers make nowadays are heavily influenced by data analytics and insights, and for a good reason: data-driven marketing choices are informed and lead to the best results. As marketing tools advance, more data sources are used to produce reports on even more metrics for every campaign you run. If you feel like you’re drowning in data analytics, then you certainly aren’t the only business that feels like it needs help organizing all those figures. 

Data management and analysis systems are essential in organizing your campaign information for use later on. One such solution that has been a popular choice is the dashboard. Businesses in industries such as real estate will naturally need more complex ways of gathering, organizing, and analyzing marketing data beyond just sales trackers and can definitely benefit from reporting and dashboards. 

What a Marketing Dashboard is For

Marketing dashboards are an easy look at all of your campaign data. With data at a glance, you can adjust your strategy in real-time as your consumers’ behaviors change. For instance, if you notice one of your newly launched campaigns doing poorly, you can take a peek at the numbers and course-correct before the loss becomes apparent. You could do anything from relocating a geographically targeted ad to re-segmenting a more appropriate audience without having to waste time and money on a marketing strategy that isn’t performing well.

Features of Marketing Dashboards

When choosing the right business marketing services to set up a marketing dashboard for your business, consider the features that it comes with. At the very least, quality dashboards you can benefit from should allow you to have all your data in one application. Dashboards can also organize data from multiple sources, whether it’s pulling them from different channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, as well as digital advertising campaigns and CMS applications.

Try to choose a dashboard that allows you to specify the cadence of data uploads, whether you require reporting weekly or need the details of your daily campaign numbers. Marketing managers can view the way different data works together to gain valuable insights from different sources. 

The Advantages of Flexible Reporting

Dashboards won’t be of much use to you if it can’t generate flexible reporting options. It should be accessible on all devices and interfaces, whether on-site or remotely. Dashboards should also be at least partially customizable, if not fully. Real estate agents can attend meetings with clients ready to present and reference the most recent data using the dashboard. There’s no need to spend time creating presentations on insights that might change a few hours later. They can review current progress with forecasted results to support their decisions, homeowners looking to sell their properties. 

Measuring Efforts

Visual representations of marketing efforts and the corresponding performance are extremely valuable in properly showing marketing efforts. A dashboard should show all relevant marketing and sales metrics in a user-friendly way to demonstrate the management of campaigns. Using customizable data can allow users to see the most critical concerns with quantitative information from any marketing campaign. Data on all levels should also be provided by the dashboard system readily for marketers to show their clients.


Marketing reporting dashboards allow organizations and entrepreneurs to avoid passing accountability for underperforming around to the next team or individual. By easily measuring the immediate efforts of the marketing campaign, the dashboard acts as a performance management campaign as it reflects what KPIs are doing well and which ones need improvement. This level of accountability allows you to account for each campaign, identify specific problems, and make adjustments for projections accordingly. 

The Bottom Line

Your business’s success improves when your marketing strategies’ performance is measured against the time and money it took to execute them. This way, you can directly determine whether your efforts are directly contributing to the customers’ behaviors and your sales instead of by mere chance. Random and unmeasured efforts are little more than guesswork when it comes to marketing. The real power is in the hard metrics, which can undoubtedly help you produce the best outcomes. 

Filling your pipeline with consistent inquiries from buyers and sellers alike by relying on old-fashioned methods won’t get you very far. At Supercharged Offers, we are a full-service direct marketing agency that allows real estate investors to supercharge their direct mail marketing efforts. Get in touch with us today for a free sixty-minute strategy session!

Lead nurturing campaigns give your prospects an idea of your brand and push them from considering your products and services to converting them into buying customers. When you nurture your leads, these prospects tend to make larger purchases than those who just buy your products immediately. 

This is particularly helpful if you work in the real estate industry. Potential homebuyers will walk through your properties and visit your website to know more about what’s available in the market, and you want to give them the best experience to push them into buying your property.

For this reason, companies work with full-service direct marketing agencies to develop the right campaigns and email strategies to increase sales and clients. 

If you have a real estate agency, lead nurturing efforts and email automation are things you need to consider to improve your marketing efforts and achieve sales goals. In this article, we’ll talk about lead nurturing and email automation, how they help your business, and their basic workflows. Let’s begin!

What does lead nurturing do?

Real estate agencies who nurture their prospects get more sales compared to those who don’t because through lead nurturing, you get to do the following:

  • Connect with your prospects

Lead nurturing allows you to connect with your prospects immediately. The faster the response rate, the higher the chances of getting a deal and closing a sale.

  • Showcase your services

When leads sign up for your newsletter, you provide them an overview of your company, what you do, and why they should choose you, giving them more reason to consider your properties and services. 

  • Collaborate with your prospects

Because you’ll get to engage with your leads, they’ll be able to inform you of areas where your business falls short, helping you improve your operations and eventually increase your sales. 

Efficient ways to perform email blasts

Sending emails to leads manually isn’t an efficient way to connect with your leads because it takes a lot of time and money. With email automation, you’ll get to send relevant emails to your leads at the right time and efficiently, which ultimately improves your conversion rates. 

  • Focus on target emails

With email automation, you get to reach out to your leads at specific times to ensure that they will open your email. All you need to do is develop an email campaign, create relevant content, and schedule your email blasts. This way, you can focus on other parts of your real estate agency while automatically connecting to clients. 

  • Focus on lead conversion

Once a customer has been nurtured through your email campaigns, your sales team can focus on this group and move these prospects further along the sales funnel. 

Different types of email automation workflows that promote lead nurturing

When you’re working on your email marketing campaign, it’s best to collaborate with a full-service direct marketing agency that will help develop strategies best fit for your real estate agency. Here are some email campaigns that help nurture leads:

  • Welcome emails

Consider this email as your customer’s first impression of your brand. Welcome emails help your company start a relationship with your lead and encourage them to learn more about your company and properties. 

  • Follow-up emails

Once you’ve met a potential client, it’s always a good idea to send them a follow-up email to know what stage they are in the sales funnel. This way, you can make adjustments in your strategy to push them into purchasing a property. 

And after they make their purchase, it’s crucial to stay in touch with them, keep them posted with updates, and thank them for their investment and choosing your agency. 

  • Re-engagement emails

When you’ve converted your leads into customers, it’s essential to improve your relationship with them. Re-engagement emails allow you to bring some business back and help you reconnect with existing clients. 


Now that you know how powerful email automation and lead nurturing emails are, it’s best to collaborate with a digital marketing company and incorporate this strategy into your real estate marketing efforts. With email automation and lead nurturing emails, your real estate firm will flourish, and you’ll build stronger relationships with your leads and existing clients. 

Developing real estate marketing strategies isn’t complicated when you work with the right full-service direct marketing agency, such as Supercharged Offers. We help businesses improve their relationship with clients through strategic email campaigns and marketing efforts, ultimately boosting their sales. Reach more buyers and sellers today!

Gathering and interpreting marketing analytics allows your real estate business to determine your goals, assess whether your marketing efforts deliver desirable results, and tweak them accordingly. They help you optimize your business processes and generate a positive return on investment (ROI).

One way to measure and analyze your marketing campaigns’ performance is through sales call tracking. By using call tracking software, you can see a clearer picture of your clients’ calling behavior and your marketing strategies’ results. Learn more about this approach and how it can help your real estate business by using this article as your guide.

What Is Call Tracking?

Call tracking is a system that lets you track marketing campaigns that drive calls to your business. It allows you to assign phone numbers to each of your marketing campaigns, track responses, and assess data according to key metrics, such as top conversion venues and leading call drivers. 

What Are Some Features of Call Tracking Software?

  • Campaign level tracking

Campaign level tracking provides you with insights on your online and offline marketing campaigns driving calls by assigning unique numbers to specific campaigns. For instance, your TV ad will have a unique phone number from your online pay-per-click campaign. You will see each campaign’s performance when your clients and prospects view the different ads and call the numbers displayed.

  • Keyword level tracking

The keyword tracking feature gives you an analysis of the specific keywords that drive the most calls and produce the most conversions. It works by providing unique call tracking numbers to every marketing campaign. These numbers are assigned to only one landing page at any one time, which means your visitors can see these unique numbers throughout the day. You will discover the campaign and the keyword used when your clients call you using this number.

  • Multi-channel attribution tracking

Traditional analytics provide you only with data based on your clients’ last search or ad interaction before a purchase. Therefore, you won’t have any idea about the number of sources they sought or the time they spent before they made a purchase. Fortunately, you can now monitor client interactions in real-time without any hassle using the multi-channel attribution tracking feature. It’s instrumental if your real estate business uses a wide variety of marketing channels.

How Can Call Tracking Help My Real Estate Business?

Tracking marketing campaigns can be time-consuming. When you fail to determine which ones perform and underperform, you can waste valuable time, effort, money, and resources on campaigns, ads, and keywords that don’t generate the expected results. 

On the other hand, taking advantage of a sales tracker like call tracking can help you know exactly which ad campaigns give you the best return on your investment. It means you can get tangible results and access accurate performance data.


Marketing campaigns involve lots of time, money, and effort. Unfortunately, some of them don’t deliver expected results that can propel your business forward. By investing in call tracking, you can measure and understand your campaigns’ impact and make better-informed decisions to increase your ROI. 

Make the most out of your marketing campaigns by seeking our business marketing services. Supercharged Offers specializes in helping real estate businesses, and our team can enable you to improve brand awareness, boost sales, and drive overall growth. Claim your free 60-minute strategy session from us today!

Many real estate professionals like you heavily rely on direct marketing solutions for marketing. While direct mail is still effective today, you may fail to attain your desired results if you stick to this traditional method. Fortunately, you can seek various business marketing services to achieve your goals and lead you to success. One of these involves making a successful landing page.

What Is a Landing Page?

A landing page is a standalone webpage that your visitor sees first when they visit your website. It can receive traffic from social media, online advertising campaigns, or email marketing initiatives. 

Setting up an optimized and effective landing page is crucial. When built properly, this page allows you to warmly welcome your first-time website visitors, educate them on your real estate expertise, encourage them to interact with your brand by letting them do your desired call to action, nurture these leads, and turn them into loyal, repeat customers. 

What Makes a Successful Landing Page?

There isn’t a set standard for how you should create your businesses’ landing page. However, there are specific elements every landing page should obtain. You want to tailor these common characteristics to your audience and niche to create a compelling page just for your brand. Essential features of a successful landing page include:

A headline

Your headline is the first element your visitors will see as soon as they visit your website. Don’t miss the opportunity to grab their attention and keep them engaged by writing a catchy and powerful headline. Ensure that it describes what they can get from your page and inform them about your brand or service. The headline should be short yet impactful, so keep it between 10 and 20 words.

Client testimonials

Most of your potential clients visit your website first to learn more about what you offer and customer service quality. They tend to skim through the customer testimonials to see if your company is the right fit for them. 

Help your potential clients easily find positive reviews about you by adding your client testimonials to your landing page. This way, you can create transparency, establish yourself as a reputable and credible authority in the industry, and encourage your prospects to trust you.  

Unique Value Proposition (UVP)

The UVP is what sets you apart from other professionals in the industry. Whether you are a real estate agent, wholesaler, or broker, you can convert your leads into paying clients by showcasing your UVP on your landing page. To do this, describe the benefits your consumers would receive by using your service. It will help your website visitors, especially the new ones, to know why they should hire you or work with you and what to expect from your service.

Call-to-action buttons

Call-to-action (CTA) buttons guide your visitors to buy your product, pay for your service, or subscribe to your mailing list. Because of this, placing them strategically on your landing page is a must. Make sure these CTA buttons are eye-catching, persuasive, and easily accessible.


Don’t set up a business website just for the sake of having one. Maximize its use and benefits by remembering and following the information mentioned in this guide. Remember, your landing page is vital to your website’s success, so add the elements that make an effective landing page to your website. 

If you need help in creating a sales funnel or landing page that successfully converts leads, work with our advertising agency. At Supercharged Offers, we are a full-service marketing firm that can help your business grow. Contact us for a free 60-minute strategy session!

One of the more creative, albeit complex Facebook marketing methods you can employ is retargeting. Retargeting is the act of using tailored promotions to elicit conversions from visitors of your website who have yet to convert for various reasons. This essentially lets ads of your offerings appear on their Facebook feed, which is great for customers who remain indecisive. 

To help you with that, we have created this list of fantastic retargeting strategies as created by the experts at our advertising agency. Using custom audience targeting techniques in your website’s code, you can effectively discover which users are more susceptible to making a purchase. With no further ado, however, here is that list:

1. Retarget users of specific pages

There is likely a reason that a user ended up on a specific page on your website. Whether it is an article on your blog or a page in your product catalog, it is important to send them retargeted ads that are connected to this product. Whatever difficulty they had making this decision could be addressed in these ads. 

In essence: they already want it. Remind them that they do. 

2. Retarget visitors who searched for information

Visitors who took the time to read your about page or spent some time on your blogs are closer to a conversion than one who took one look at your website and left. Any user who stayed long enough to read and scroll meaningfully through your website is looking for a good reason to convert. 

If they do not, then you should provide them with one through your Facebook retargeting strategies. Who knows? You might just get them at that opportune moment. 

3. Retarget visitors who inquired about pricing

If your website has a pricing page, any user who visits it is a good focus of retargeting campaigns. That means they actively considered purchasing your products. These users could be lured back into your website if you use the appropriate retargeting promotions and ads.  

4. Offer discounts, freebies, and other promotions in your retargeting ads

The most common reason visitors abandon a website in the middle of considering a purchase is pricing and affordability. If they decide, at any moment, that the products or services are currently beyond their budget, then that might cause them to leave it. 

My offering them additional benefits or discounts, you would be addressing this primary concern of theirs. In essence, it is a way to haggle them down to a purchase without ever needing a human to be involved in the process!

Final thoughts

The field of ecommerce is a competitive and unforgiving landscape, but with the right digital marketing strategies from the best advertising agencies, you could find yourself competing with bigger brands. The beauty of digital marketing is that it pays to be smarter rather than rich, and retargeting is one of the creative ways you can convince an undecided customer. With strategies such as retargeting with specific pages and offering incentives, you can drive more conversions in no time!

If you decide you do need the help of an advertising agency with your Facebook retargeting campaign, send us at Supercharged Offers a message. We are a full-service marketing firm that drives sales.