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4 Important Facebook Retargeting Strategies You Need to Employ

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Picture of Matthew Barton
Matthew Barton
15 Jan 2021

One of the more creative, albeit complex Facebook marketing methods you can employ is Facebook retargeting. Retargeting is the act of using tailored promotions to elicit conversions from visitors of your website who have yet to convert for various reasons. This essentially lets ads of your offerings appear on their Facebook feed, which is great for customers who remain indecisive. 

To help you with that, we have created this list of fantastic retargeting strategies as created by the experts at our advertising agency. Using custom audience targeting techniques in your website’s code, you can effectively discover which users are more susceptible to making a purchase. With no further ado, however, here is that list:

1. Retarget users of specific pages

There is likely a reason that a user ended up on a specific page on your website. Whether it is an article on your blog or a page in your product catalog, it is important to send them retargeted ads that are connected to this product. Whatever difficulty they had making this decision could be addressed in these ads. 

In essence: they already want it. Remind them that they do. 

2. Retarget visitors who searched for information

Visitors who took the time to read your about page or spent some time on your blogs are closer to a conversion than one who took one look at your website and left. Any user who stayed long enough to read and scroll meaningfully through your website is looking for a good reason to convert. 

If they do not, then you should provide them with one through your Facebook retargeting strategies. Who knows? You might just get them at that opportune moment. 

3. Retarget visitors who inquired about pricing

If your website has a pricing page, any user who visits it is a good focus of retargeting campaigns. That means they actively considered purchasing your products. These users could be lured back into your website if you use the appropriate retargeting promotions and ads.  

4. Offer discounts, freebies, and other promotions in your retargeting ads

The most common reason visitors abandon a website in the middle of considering a purchase is pricing and affordability. If they decide, at any moment, that the products or services are currently beyond their budget, then that might cause them to leave it. 

My offering them additional benefits or discounts, you would be addressing this primary concern of theirs. In essence, it is a way to haggle them down to a purchase without ever needing a human to be involved in the process!

Final thoughts

The field of ecommerce is a competitive and unforgiving landscape, but with the right digital marketing strategies from the best advertising agencies, you could find yourself competing with bigger brands. The beauty of digital marketing is that it pays to be smarter rather than rich, and retargeting is one of the creative ways you can convince an undecided customer. With strategies such as retargeting with specific pages and offering incentives, you can drive more conversions in no time!

If you decide you do need the help of an advertising agency with your Facebook retargeting campaign, send us at Supercharged Offers a message. We are a full-service marketing firm that drives sales. 

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