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How to Finance Your Real Estate Agency’s Growth – Our Guide

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Matthew Barton
24 Dec 2020

Growth and scaling are essential aspects in the life of business—real estate agency’s included. It could be about hiring more employees, taking on more clients, upgrading the scale of their marketing, and so on. Whatever the case may be, it will need strategy, time, energy, and money. 

Financing is a necessary consideration when it comes to growth. While it is fully possible to expand the business entirely using your own funds, there are plenty of other viable options out there that can be used as part of more robust scaling strategies.

Growth must be approached with great care

There is intense financial strain involved with the expansion of a business. Small business owners often make the mistake of financing growth through cash flow or by combining a bunch of smaller loans for this purpose. This can result in poor cash flow, bad repayment terms, and unfavorable rates. 

Some even take out massive chunks from their credit cards in favor of small business loans. This is not only a recipe for failure, but personal financial disaster. Without a plan considering all the right financial options, you might end up running your business into the ground. 

What you need for better financial options

Small business loans from reputable lenders are still the best option for growing an enterprise. However, it is important that your business is at its best possible conditions. For a real estate agency, there are a few challenges. 

For example, smaller agencies independent realtors often don’t keep robust records of their transactions and dealings. That means there might not be enough proof that the business is successful—proof that lenders and banks sorely need to approve any loans. 

As such, it is important to keep meticulous records of the life of your business, no matter how small. 

Expansions must be planned out

Cash flow is always a consideration when it comes to scaling a real estate business, and as such, it must be planned in advance. After all, the scaling should never be funded in entirety through a small business loan. It’s important to make sure that the risk to your existing operations is minimized as much as possible. After all, you don’t want to start this new phase in the life of your business by losing loyal clients. 

Keep your finances organized

One of the chief reasons that a small business loan application might be rejected is because of disorganized finances. As we have mentioned before, many smaller agencies and independent realtors don’t often keep the most meticulous records.

Before you even think about applying for financing, get your finances in order. This could include downloading the latest small business accounting app, consulting an accountant, and so on. This could not only go towards improving your record-keeping but also improve the financial management of your business. 

Final thoughts 

Even real estate agencies have to grow. After all, consumer habits will change with each passing year. Whether it’s simply because new technologies are coming out, or new trends in real estate are manifesting, no business can afford stagnation.

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