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How Marketing Automation Can Increase Real Estate Conversion

Marketing Automation
Picture of Matthew Barton
Matthew Barton
25 Feb 2021

If you have not incorporated automation into your work process and system yet, you need to start planning and strategizing now to keep up. Updates are not only inclusive to selected industries. If you are in the real estate industry, utilizing marketing automation can help your business grow and expand. If you are not familiar with this technology yet, this article will introduce you to the marketing automation system and how it can help real estate agents increase their lead conversion.

What Is Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation is a technology that makes all marketing processes seamless and automated. Through its help, a company or organization can manage its marketing campaigns automatically across multiple channels. It is designed to manage email marketing, social media marketing, and other website-specific actions through software and applications. Because of this, time-consuming real estate responsibilities get simplified. 

Marketing automation addresses three business aspects:

  • Marketing intelligence or the tracking and understanding of customer’s online behaviour.
  • Business development or the movement of the customers along the sales funnel. 
  • Workflow automation or the internal processes, including the administrative works of the business. 

How Marketing Automation Can Convert More Leads for Real Estate

If you are still curious about how this modern technology can help agents in the real estate industry, here are some examples:

Sending of Real-Time Updates

Leads have more chances of being convinced and moving onto the next phase of the funnel if they receive the materials or information they need at the right time when they need it. Believe it or not, it is already possible and practised by many firms, thanks to marketing automation.

Sending real-time updates to all your prospects would be simple using the software. The marketing automation feature can alert you of where your lead currently is in the funnel and if they took a particular action set as a trigger. All you need to do is prepare the materials and schedule them for sending according to your strategy schedule. 

To make a better user experience, you can even customize the email templates you use to make them feel more personal to your readers.

Easy Nurturing of Leads

Staying in touch with your prospects is one way of nurturing them. But a real estate agent’s job also includes actively looking for more leads and potential clients, making the nurturing job aspect difficult to handle sometimes. Dedicating time and attention to your leads can help convince them to make a move. Fortunately, marketing automation can do the trick for you. 

With its help, identifying which among your leads are the “top leads” and those who are “somewhat engaged” is more manageable. Therefore, you can design and implement the right marketing strategies accordingly.  

Easy View of the Lead Score

Lead score is important in real estate industries. It helps agents see their prospects according to ranking. Because of this, agents are guided, and they know who to prioritize. Doing so helps improve productivity and increases close rates. 

Better Customer Relationship Management

Clients, whether prospective or existing, are the seed of any real estate business. As much as possible, agents should pay attention to them and provide them with exceptional services. 

Doing this is much more comfortable with marketing automation. Once the client’s details and status are set up, the machine would do its job and send the necessary information, marketing materials, contact details, or property listing accordingly. Managing meetings and communication with them is also made easy thanks to this automated program. 


2021 is the start of a new decade, and if you are still using old-school methods, it might be time to reconsider your tactics. Marketing automation is already implemented in various businesses and industries. If you do not want to be left behind, allow your business to grow by evolving it and taking advantage of this new technology.

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